Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tag of three

Three things I’d like to do

1.Lose weight
2.Sit down on a sandy beach on a full moon day
3.Go back in time to my care free youth

Three things I hate to do

1.Scold my servants and sub-ordinates
2.Stand in a long queue on a sultry afternoon
3.Have my meals on my own

Three people whom I’d like to meet

1.President Abdul Kalam
2.Super Cop Kiran Bedi
3.Social activist Medha Patkar

Three things I long to have

1.Four more inches of height
2.The lovely long hair that I had once upon a time
3.More discretion over my words

Three things that make me glad

1. The innocent smile of a child
2. Listening to soft music late into the night
3. The smell of wet mud after a light shower

Three things that make me sad

1.The mini adult that our kids are becoming
2.Poverty and lack of education among my countrymen
3.My own inability to do anything for them

Three things that break my heart

1.The sorrow of a mother who loses her child
2.Killing of innocent civilians in the name of terrorism
3.Rampant corruption with no hope of a remedy and the indifference of the public who accept it without a question

Three things that I like to dream about

1.The return of my children to their homeland
2.A pollution free environment
3.A full stop to the dowry menace

Three things that need to be stopped

1.Letting school going children drive motorized vehicles
2.Burdening children with parental ambition
3.Breaking children’s back with over weight school bags

Three people I like to tag

1.Usha Vaidyanathan


Amodini said...

"The smell of wet mud after a light shower" - I like that one too.

"The return of my children to their homeland" - Do your children want to ?

Deepthi said...

the one about mother losing a son my mother did and it is a thing that is stuck with you for life.,so yes i do strongly agree you opnion on that one...

Wet mud--I used to lick walls after rains at my village ;)

lovely thoughts and quite simple and yet so meaningful....

apu said...

*More discretion over my words* - Yes thats something I'd like too !

Usha said...

Done - but that was difficult because I had to avoid everything you have already said! :) so much in common!

Hip Grandma said...

amodini:welcome here.yes I really want them back.With all this visa problem and soaring air fare I cannot visit them aas much as I want to.

deepthi:You are right and my heart goes out to your mom.I shud have written it as 'a mother losing a child' instead of 'a son'I'll correct it.

apu:One should not say anything that one might regret later.unfortunately I have said things in jest without really meaning it.The person concerned in one instance was a noble soul and overlooked my blunder.i don't know about others.people don't attribute evil intentions to me,but I still need to be careful.The spoken word cannot be taken back

usha:Yes I too notice we have a lot in common.were we identical twins in an earlier birth????
Thanx for taking up the tag.I'll chek it out.

Hip Grandma said...

amodini:I don't know if they want to.

artnavy said...

u do not need to lose weight

hillgrandmom said...

hi HHG! Will do the tag soon.

Balaji said...


Hip Grandma said...

artnavy:do you really think so?i am atleast 5 kg over weight.

hillg'mom:Please do.BTW it was good to see your photo in your family blog.Is your grandson there too?

balaji:is that all? :-))

nz said...

Is 'dowry' still there ????

I love the smell of mud after the first rain drops touch it - have never smelled it here in NZ.

Big Zed said...

what a lovely post...
smell of wet mud -- i don"t think there is anyone who won't like that one.
scold servants and subordinates ---I hate that too and I hate it when someone else does it too.

Hip Grandma said...

nz:yes dowry has been renamed as gifts that are 'willingly' given at the time of marriage.A car is now a necessity.After all it is one's daughter who will be riding it and a doctor son needs funds to start his own practice and who else should finance it but the girl's father.after all she is the one going to benefit by his private practice.the list can go on and on.My daughter's friend studying in the US sent 2000 dollars from her scholarship mpney towards her sister's dowry.A real shame on such a society.

big zed:Thanx.I am famous for taking up for the underdog and find it impossible to ignore the high handed attitude of the high and mighty towards them.Smell of wet mud Whow!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hip G,
Sorry for the delay ... I am at mom's home this week ... :) with less access to net

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I have recently stopped writing there, but I have linked "Mahalir Sakthi" there which is almost a complete collection of female tamil bloggers ... designed by Pons and Mathi two active people from Tamilmanam the major blog site for tamil bloggers ...

PS: totally loved your 3s list :) ...!

karmickids said...

That was so beautiful... three things I would like back, my skin and figure when I was 16 and hated myself because I thought I was fat (obviously I had no clue where life would expand me to) and my belief that everyone was someone I could trust. I hate losing that trusting nature and becoming so cynical....

The Visitor said...

Hi g'ma,
It was nice to see your comment on my post; it gave me a boost to know that you are still dropping by and also to know that the recos are still useful. :). Thank you.

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There are 2 issues (debates) on which your inputs will be very useful.
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Hip Grandma said...

madura:Enjoy yourself with mommy fussing over you.I'll look up your link.

karmickids:That was a nice wish list.Yes I too would like to get back my 16 years figure.

visitor:thanks for the links.I'll look them up soon.We have exams going on and will be free in a day or two.

Gayatri said...

Bahut accha laga aapke blog padke. Jab koi dil se likhta hai,
tab woh baat har kisiko chhoo jaati hai...

Hip Grandma said...

gayatri:welcome here.Tumhe pasand aaya isee mey meri khushi.shukriya.