Monday, November 19, 2007

Tag of weirdness

Seven weird things about me-

Preethi has tagged me to reveal 7 weird things about me and to further tag seven people to continue the tag. Having done a similar tag earlier, let me try. Though I have to think of a new list of weird attributes to do justice to the tag.

I have the tendency to think of something funny and giggle or smile. I mostly do it in the privacy of my home but sometimes I giggle to myself while traveling in a bus or in a boring situation. I quickly check if others have noticed it and regain my composure.

I normally see people dress up for the evening and look tidy and trim when I drop in. Evenings are my time to relax and I wear soft and soothing clothes and dress up only if I have to go out. This may be due to the fact that I’ve spent the entire day in a starched sari duly pinned up and am happy wearing dangly stuff that pass off for clothes at home.

I forget where I’ve kept my stuff and tend to look for them in the wrong cupboard though I seem to easily locate my husband’s misplaced belongings. Things have improved a bit these days with pass books in one folder and certificates and things in another. When my husband was working he was worse than me but since retirement he does a good job of organizing things. The only problem is that his lectures are non stop.

I used to sob my heart out while watching melodramatic masala movies till about 10 years back. These days I laugh at the very same situations. I cannot explain the change of heart. May be the actors overacted or I over reacted. Whatever the reason, my children would stop watching the movie and check out if I had started shedding tears. I remember my friends in college hushing me up.

In really tensed up situations I tend to say something out of context. Like when my daughter needed to get admitted for her delivery I asked her if I should grind the soaked dal for vada. I am sure my son in law must have thought that I was crazy. I can’t help it. I get muddled and unable to think straight, I tend to say or do something silly.

I cannot bear parting. I’ve cried for each of my teachers who left school to get married. On one occasion a co - passenger asked me if I was related to my Geography teacher noticing the way I cried when we went to the station to see her off. I’d cry when I left home for the hostel and cry again when I left the hostel to return home. When my younger brother got married I cried along with his wife and my daughter almost disowned me for it. But strangely the tears seem to have dried up these days and I make do with quivering lips and a crooked mouth.

I love reading portions of an impressive book over and over again. I sometimes re-issue library books for the purpose. When I am out of sorts I take up a really funny book and read the funny parts to overcome my bad mood.

Now the difficult part of tagging seven others- I think I’ll ask Sunita, serendipity, dotm, rajk, tys on ice, prats and nz to take up the tag if they wish to.


Joy said...

HHG, My mom used to cry when we used to watch those melodramatic movies. I remember numerous times when instead of watching movie, I would be looking at her face :) My dad however used to get so bugged that he would switch off the TV!

Prats said...
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Prats said...

I see that i've been tagegd again....but Since I just did that a few posts ago, thought i'd link to that.
But life seems to be filled with only weirdness for me...
You seem to be terribly normal....
except for the fact that yuo want to grind dal for ...that was too much. I'm surprised you didnt get grounded for that...

Just like you smile and giggle, I have the tendency to talk to myself in stressful helps me beat up the bad guys without having to resort to physical methods...My sons look at me and think" there she goes again".
You seem to be very entertaining to all those around you :)

Lekhni said...

Very funny post. I love the "should I grind the dal" part. Love the way you used to cry watching movies :)

Preethi said...

lol.. good one!! I love the giggles part.. I talk to myself and giggle to myself a lot too.. and the reading parts of the book.. I re-read whole books.. there are some books I have read a dozen times atleast!!

Thinking aloud said...

That was so sweet...thinking of urad dal at teh time of delivery...LOL

you giggle, i even talk to myself...:)


Madhumita. said...

Dear HHG, enjoyed your last two posts immensely - and identified with so many of your "weird" traits!. I've also been known to re-issue, re-read books for passages that I wanted to savor all over again. And P.G. Wodehouse has been a constant when I needed cheering :-)

Hip Grandma said...

Joy:I am glad to have company.Shake hands with your mom on my behalf.

prats:I had read your tag and commented too.I quite forgot.
Ageing you see.My son in law may have yelled at his mom had she said so.With me he was patient or so it seemed.It was my way of coping with stress i think.

lekhni:I used to sob away and disturb other people.Yet i preferred them to light hearted stuff.My friends would say that I pay to cry.

preethi:Let me give you a handshake. On second thoughts I realize that I too talk to myself sometimes.

thinking aloud:Me too!But I giggle to myself more often.As for offering to grind dal for vada when my daughter was thinking of getting admitted,I agree it was an extreme reaction.There have been other instances too when I've said something irrelevant when i did not know how to react to a stressful situation.

madhumita:Actually i had initially tagged you along with tys.I later realized that both of you had done thetag.I exempted you but forgot about him.Let me see if he can come up with a new list.

divya said...

nice list..weird but also cute..each one of them..

Serendipity said...

HHG will take the tag up!

WhatsInAName said...

hahahaa... soaked dal was hilarious :)

I am sorry but I was even laughing thinking you cried on your brothers wedding :) Very sweet weirdness :)

Hip Grandma said...

divya:Thanks and welcome to more comments.I have them for breakfast and drink them as nightcaps.

serendipity:waiting to read your list of weirdness.

whatsinaname:we all have a weird straek in us.But worrying about grinding dal was a masterpiece of weirdness.

Dotm said...

H Grandma, I will do my best to do the tag. It will take some thinking on my part.
I enjoyed reading your post.

rajk said...

Hello, Finally managed to take up your tag and write about it.. But couldn't find 7 weird things...Hope it's ok..