Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unhappily married??

We hear a lot more of men and women opting out of marriage these days than when we were growing up or during the time when I was a young mother trying hard to adjust in an alien set up. Hill grandmom has raised a valid point about friends with benefit in her post and I too would like to know what the current generation of young and eligible brides and grooms think of the situation. R's mom too feels that there is nothing negative about being divorced. Society is changing and I can see it happening. Divorces are no longer considered indicative of a person's inability to make the marriage work. Divorces are being considered an amicable alternative to end a relationship that for some reason failed to grow and develop. I know of a divorced couple who still care for each other like any friend would. They have both remarried and there is no bitterness in them for losing out on a relationship that never was. They did not have children but even if children were involved I am sure they would have handled the situation equally well and seen to it that their children remained unaffected. I have written a short piece here about the change perceived in society with regards to divorce. In my opinion this is a welcome change. Women's web has an interesting post on life after divorce by Kalpana Misra. I think it is time we started thinking of ways to deal with the situation instead of preaching from a pedastal on the merits of being 'unhappily married'.

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Ape said...

You cant say divorce has nothing negative. Divorce happens because proper thinking was not done before marriage. Dont you think we should marry someone whom we know at least for an year. Divorce is better than a unhealthy relation but don't u think we should start discouraging going into those unhealthy relation than encouraging divorce. Divorce is cure, we need prevention. Isn't it?