Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The international breast feeding week is on and the Home Science Department of our college held a program to emphasise the importance of breast feeding and the benefits it confers to both mother and child. The program brought back memories of the time when I was a young mother. 

Apart from the health benefits the time one gets to spend while breast feeding one's child is very special. It is a very special time ensuring 'one on one' interaction that helps the child bond with the mother. It makes the baby feel secure and wanted. It makes the mother feel like an achiever because this is one area where a dad cannot pitch in and take over.

I do not mean to undermine a dad's role in this area. Lactation is a physiological process and it is the brain that signals it's onset. It is a husband's duty to see to it that his wife gets adequate time with her baby and is in a relaxed state of mind. While it is important to pay attention to the diet of a nursing mother it is equally important to make her feel special.

So, my advise to young mothers and mothers to be is to enjoy the special role that nature has given you. Internet offers tips - good ones at that - but each child is different and nothing can be generalised. Listen to good advise whether it is from your doctor or grandmother but decide on the requirement for your child yourself. The little one is your responsibility - an extension of you and your husband - and deserves the very best.

Happy parenting!


Trupti Sharma said...

Agreed and the bond between mother and a baby strengthens with breast feeding.

dr.antony said...

After so long. I was awy for quite some time too.

A mothers milk is intended for the baby, whether it is human or animal. I am against hijacking the cows milk,denying it to the calf.

That apart, a mother is special. Is there a bond connecting the child to the father the way it does to the mother?

Sue said...

I have to say I enjoy feeding the new baby. Yes, it's tiring and sometimes frustrating, but it's very special. His father gives him the occasional bottle but bottles are simply not the same.