Friday, February 22, 2008

Thank you

I am touched by the responses I received for my previous post.Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. There were a few who commented for the first time and I feel so connected to each one of you-even those who may not have commented seemed to be with me. I am glad to say that the immediate crisis is over and my sister in law may shift out of CCU today. However she has to undergo a valve replacement in around 2 week's time and that means an open heart surgery. It is only after that can one think of treating her stroke which has now become secondary. But I have faith that she will come out of it and we will have her around for many more years to come. The family went through a bad patch but then isn't that life? please continue to pray for her and my request to each one of you is 'please don't take your health for granted. There is absolute truth in the words we used to write in friends autographs.

"When wealth is lost nothing is lst,
When health is lost something is lost,
When charater is lost everything is lost".

So take care and God bless each one of you.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good will and its role in life

How do you feel when nothing seems to work for you? It is quite frustrating I must say. It is only then that one realizes that when all else fails it is the good will of those around that sustains us. We worry so much about every penny spent, plan for the future and feel secure about having invested wisely and are financially secure when suddenly money has no meaning at all. Someone very close to you falls ill and you are simply helpless. Money cannot buy good health or mental peace. But luckily the world is not such a bad place to be in. Relatives and friends pitch in and the world is praying with you. Call it God, fate, chance, probability, miracle or whatever you want to call it. You want that unknown entity to take over and it is faith alone that sees you through.

This is exactly what I experienced last week. My sister in law who was more of a friend to me suffered a stroke when there was no one at home. Luckily the neighbor noticed her sitting at her door step and found her posture odd. With the help of a doctor known to her the neighbor rushed her to the hospital while trying to contact her husband. Had she fallen inside the house immediate medical aid could not have been given. I feel lousy staying so far and unable to help in the real sense having had to return after a brief visit. I wanted to save some leave to be able to help later. After all how much can one help a person who is in CCU? But I also feel hopeful that there is a guardian angel who is doing for her that which I could perhaps never do. We were planning for a retired life together. My sister in law was never too happy about my staying in Jamshedpur and had almost coaxed me to buy a house near her place last year. Whenever my children expressed concern she would assure them that she was there for us. All I want is that the prayers of well wishers helps her recover from her critical condition and she buzzes around as usual. More about how our bond was forged in a later post. Right now all I can say is that I was to her the sister she never had and she was to me a sister by marriage but in no way less important to my sister by birth. She needs all your prayers so will you join me in praying for her speedy recovery?