Friday, July 20, 2007

An Admirable group!

Getting there now has tagged me and asked me to mention those whom I admire. I admire so many of them that it was difficult to short list the group. I managed to pick out 10 and here is the final list.

I admire the following people-

1)Mahatma Gandhi for treating his family members and fellow countrymen at par. The father of our nation stands tall among politicians whose sole purpose is to curry favors for their family as well as seven generations to come.

2)Our outgoing President Dr. Abdul Kalam, for making himself available to the common man despite his busy schedule. I learnt from a reliable source that he wrote a personal, hand written letter of appreciation, to a person who sent him a book of Tamil poems written by her. He is known to have advised farmers in Bihar on farming techniques and has a soft corner for school children.

3)My husband, who otherwise drives me crazy, promised to look after his parents, unemployed brother and unmarried sister at the time when his father’s retirement was due and his own job was nowhere in sight. He stuck to his word against all odds. Hat's off to him.He doesn't read my blog so let this be our little secret.

4)My children who rose to the occasion and started taking public transport back from school from the tender age of 7 and 5 without a complaint when we decided on saving the money spent for their transport by rickshaw. My heart would melt on seeing the pride and joy in their faces when on an odd day I’d be able to pick them up on my way back.

5)The servant maid who slogs all day with her family feeding on left over food given by her employers but is still large hearted enough to share a part of it with a beggar woman in the street corner.

6)With corruption being the norm rather than an exception the class IV employees of our college, drawing a mere Rs.2000/- refuse to indulge in underhand dealings and still nurse hopes of a solution to their problems.

7)The mother who lets go her son and stays away from his life so that the uncompromising daughter in law may let him live in peace. Actually there a number of them.

8)My ex servant who is not only able to forgiver an employer of hers for swindling more Rs. 35,000/- of her hard earned money that she trusted him with, but is also grateful that he helped with the hospitalization of her son who met with a serious accident.

9)My friend Prema who is physically handicapped having survived a stroke, but yet finds time to ring me up and enquire about my welfare if I fail to contact her for more than a month. I am truly put to shame by her concern.

10)Last but not least I admire the patience shown by the common man who struggles to make ends meet, the housewife who has to walk for miles to fetch drinking water and the millions who have no access to basic health care. They survive by sheer will power with nothing but hope to fall back on.


Usha said...

Absolutely with you on the common man and I am so happy to hear how lucky you have been with your husband and children just as they have been to have you in their life - I could see the pride in your daughter's eyes and voice when she spoke about you.
I will ask priya to send this over to her appa - of course the man needs to know. :)

Just Like That said...

hgmom, have tagged you

Oh, that was such a nice list- on the not-so-commonplace values that are really important in life.

mnowluck said...

mahatma,our president yeah,they are truly the one whom every indian should admire for the things that they do to our country

I envy your children for they have a proud and reliable mother :)

Hip Grandma said...

Usha:I sometimes wonder whether we have any right to complain when our fellow countrymen/women manage with thr bare minimum.yet we have people with chauffer driven cars comlaining and cribbing.

Just like that:will take up yout tag.In fact I was thinking of doing it myself having read Usha's and GTN's blog.

mnowluck:True 'tis leaders like them that make every Indian proud.As for my kids being lucky may be in someways-may not be in others.I have my regrets for not giving them a better childhood.

A Little Light said...

So nice of you to mention the common man and the servant..not many people would do that :)

WhatsInAName said...

It cant better than this.
Lovely list!

Monika said...

very nicely written article... every point touched the heart.... with u on everyone....

The Visitor said...

G'ma - I have no words - beautiful!

Hip Grandma said...

a little light:The common man suffers and accepts suffering as his lot.How could I not mention him?


monika:These are genuine thoughts.Each one is outstanding.We cannot be like them the least we can do is to admire them.

the visitor:thanks

Peridot said...

You write very well, definately an enjoyable blog to read.