Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ever had the experience?

Are these inanimate objects really so or do they have a mind of their own? I sometimes feel that they love to trouble you at the most inopportune moments. Can you explain why these things happen

1) You have almost finished cooking, just a little seasoning to do and your cylinder runs out of gas and you have to install a new one.

2) You are just about to lock the front door with the husband giving you a look that more a stare accusing you of taking ever so long to get ready when the telephone rings. More often than not it is a wrong number or a distant cousin making one of those rare calls. Remember that hubby will not take the call.

3) The day you carry an umbrella it will not rain and you deliberately leave it at home and come back drenched.

4) You keep staring at the milk it will not even start simmering, your attention gets diverted and you turn round for a minute it will spill over and mess up the kitchen.

5) You are already late for work, your father in law will remind you to get his medicines, husband will ask you to get the pass book updated and the child will remind you that his Computer Science teacher wanted to talk to you. You nod your head to everything only half listening and your scooty will add to your misery by refusing to start. The petrol level is bound to be low and there is a mad rush at the gas station with at least 25 people clamoring for petrol at the same time.

6) The day you decide to make do with light snacks always coincides with the day you husband/children are famished and expect to be served a sumptuous meal and this will also be the day when your maid doesn’t turn up.

7) You are exhausted after a hard day’s work and want to relax with a book and the odd power cut will happen at the precise moment and you will never remember where to look for the candle. If you find the candle the match box will vanish and vice versa. Your husband will suddenly decide to be helpful and invariably come in your way and to top it he’ll blame you for blocking his way.

8) The train will be on time on every day except the day you decide to travel irrespective of whether you are arriving or departing.

9) When you try to book your gas cylinder the phone is invariably engaged except when your dealer gives you he good news that it will take at least 25 days to arrive.

10) You have a particular color in mind when you shop for saris and you never seem to find it.


Altoid said...

11) The day you look at the refridgerator with fancy veggies and decide to make a simple, quick one-pot dish, you are out of onions, green chilies or more importantly salt!

12) You are out of milk when you most need that one cup of chai! or coffee, if thats your preference.

13) You're late to head out, and the printer decides to add hours to it normal minutes to spit out the directions.

14) The one weekend day you decide to veg out and leave the house in its messy state, a barrage of guests descend upon you.

15) The day you decide to clear out your pantry and wash/dry the containers in the porch outside, under the summer heat, the raingod decides, its time for all-day wetness.

Phew! Agree, "things" have a mind of their own :)

Random Vignettes said...

LOL!! murphy's law doesnt spare anybody I think!
Soooo true with the milk boiling over bit and also the bit where the day u make something really nice, the quantity will be too small and everybody else will be looking accusingly at u!

serendipity said...

Wow ! Sounds so familiar.

You ask your Mom a zillion times if she needs anything else from the grocer's and she says no.You return laden with groceries and she says "Oh i forgot to add mustard to the list"

And I SO agree with the power-cut and the Dad part.Here,it almost always ends with them quarelling in the dark as to who's more disorganized!

Nice post HHG!Liked point #5 the most:)

vishesh said...

lolz gmom :) can see them happening..either from my view or my moms :)

nz said...

The day the house is at its messiest, the door bell rings and husband says - oops, I forgot to mention that I met xyz today and said that its ok to drop by in the evening - Grrrrr...

Just read 'the hindu way of life' - very well written :-)

Deepthi said...

quite and irony eh...

Usha said...

yes milk boiling over - almost a daily ritual at my place.
Gas getting over - every time, always.
In my case, it is the day when husband and son have dinner meetings outside and I decide to eat the left overs that guests descend.
No umbrella in the rain - almost always.
The train is always late when I am on time and on time when I am a little late. (happened even with amtrak)

Actually makes me feel better now that I know I am not the only one who has these experiences.

shark said...

11) You are full of ideas but just can't find the time to blog them! Just when you find some time, your mind becomes totally blank and you keep wondering what to write?

12) One day you decide to take a break in the kicthen and manage with leftovers, guests arrive!

13) You are watching a very interesting program on TV.. and phat! goes power.. maybe just for 2 mins, but you have lost the most important part which you have been waiting for the whole week.

14) You are running to catch the last bus or something and your slipper breaks at the very moment :)

awww it's just Murphy's Law "When something has to go wrong, it will!"

Just Like That said...

:-) left me smiiiiiiiling!! Indeed non-living things too have a mind all of their own.

Hip Grandma said...

altoid:That was a good addition to the list.I agree with the raingod's whims to pour his heart out when you are in a mood to do a liitle washing and drying.And your milk will curdle just when you need your cuppa....

random vignettes:True! when something you make turns out well the quantity is bound to be less.

serendipity:'Here,it almost always ends with them quarelling in the dark as to who's more disorganized!'

So we are not an exception.Good!!And my 3 year old grandaughter silences her parents with "Enough of it!Be quiet you two!!

vishesh:Is your mom a working mother?Please ask her to read this post.Why do I see an ally in her?

nz:At least your husband gives you time till evening.My granpa would retirn from court with 3 of his juniors or clients in tow and walk in asking the lady of the house to serve lunch or dinner for all of them.And usually it is the day when the meal is absolutely simple.

deepthi:Yes that is life.

usha:Come on, by now you should have been able to see yourself in me.A few days back I announced that I felt comfortable in worn out clothes and preferred to give away newer ones than these that come in handy in peak summer owing to their softness.The examiner who had turned up for the practical exam said 'me too! only I was scared to say so 'cos I thought people would laugh at me'!most of us are like that aren't we?

shark:'When something has to go wrong, it will!" How true.Thanks for adding to my list.

Just like that:I sometimes imagine a conversation between the Gas cylinder,microwave and the telephone as well as other things about their opinion about my house keeping skills.They have the last laugh don't they?

WhatsInAName said...

lol :)
Well said! The gas thing actually happened to us some years back on the day of "devasam" of my FILS father, when the function was on the way and there we stood, myself and my MIL, in 9-yards. Had to borrow the gas from neighbour who luckily had one to spare!
That reminds me... I need to buy a pack of salt on my way back :)

Something to Say said...

always..always... esp with the food - you make a light meal - suddenly everyone is super-hungry. Or even no 14 on altoid's list.
Or the day you are brimming with ideas for a post - your child will have a sudden fit of extra clingy-ness where he wont even nap without you .... grrr.....

vishesh said...

lol both my parents are practising CAs....they do it together..and my mom doesn't read blogs..donno why but just not interested...she doesn't even read mine :)

Lavs said...

Oh, this has happened a lot of times to me. If I put my clothes out to dry, it will definitely rain. But if I put the clothes in the shade to avoid drizzle, then sun will peep out.

Hip Grandma said...

Whatsinaname:Thank the good samaritan - your neighbor.They are a fast vanishing species.

something to say:That's what children are for.If they left you alone they'd be mini adults.

vishesh:Too bad considering the maturity in your writings.May be she will one day.

lavs:the sun and rain gods are always in competition to trouble us aren't they?too bad of them.

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL!my rendezuous with the rain god are legendary. I have forgotten how many times I have come home drenched. #8,#14 (altoid) have happend innumerable times. Loved the post:)First time here,will surely be back!

Puneet said...

men's part...
1. You go home early to see fantastic innings from Tendulkar and as fast as you switch on the sports channel ..the very first bowl he is out...
2. You thought of wearing some dress for the party tonight just to come to know that the dress is gone for laundry at the very last moment..
3. You (first time) in advance booked the restaurent for some party and guest reached there to find no booking there by this name
4. This one is very common these days for me --> You see the clear sky decides to go by bike, you covered just half the distance and raingod is "meharbaan"....you decide to carry on you reach the destination all drenched and it all stopped completely.......

Vijay said...

Very well articulated...Has happened to everyone at one time or the other.. just showed my wife this post and she was able to identify with EACH ( of course I was to blame)...

Hip Grandma said...

fuzzylogic:welcome here.hope to see more of you.Have read your comments elsewhere.

puneet:Thanks for your input.Nice to know the male perspective.

vijay::so your wife blames you for everything that goes wrong?well that is also a universal rule.But it works the other way round.If I spill the milk it is ofcourse my fault and when he does it it is still my fault for using the wrong vessel to heat it or a hundred other reasons.There was a saying 'Do what you want all your life and when it goes wrong blame your wife'Just joking!

Gauri said...

Oh Yes !! I agree !! I agree !!

One more that has happened to me quite often :

A jam sandwich falls down - it always falls jam side down.

Hip Grandma said...

Gauri:Yes it does fall jam side down.But why?

hillgrandmom said...

when i change the gear to higher gear on the narrow lane from school, a car always comes the other way:) and hubby of course almost never answers the phone!!
btw did the tag at last.

Tys on Ice said...

- why the phone always rings when you are in the bath.
- how come some crucial paper will always go missing after the house is cleaned.
- how you are supposed to understand your spouses moods telepatically.
- its always the most expensive of ur wedding gift crystal that ur child or cat breaks.
- how you always happen to stand at the slowest moving q

life is so wonderful with all its idiocracies, isnt it?

Hip Grandma said...

hillgmom:I agree with the car thing.You accelerate and a cyclist decides to do a u turn.

tys on ice:When anything goes missing why is your spouse the only one responsible?

Vijay said...

hipgmom: How did you guess??? Yes I get blamed all the time..especially when I make "jinxing" comments...one of my favorite ones is "See you grumbled before you came out.. and now the shop is closed"... :-)

Hip Grandma said...

vijay:no need to be a genius to guess that, husbands and wives are very much in the habit of blaming each other.