Friday, August 18, 2006

Tagged Again

I’ve been tagged by starry nights and here are my responses-

I AM THINKING ABOUT: How I’ll deal with the day when I leave for India and get on with life without my grand daughter to pamper.

I SAID: To myself that neither good times nor the bad ones last forever.

I WANT TO: Make amends for past mistakes and be careful in the future too.

I WISH: That I could erase from my mind all the bad times I faced. I think I’ve done it but it sometimes lurks in a corner of my mind. I also wish to be able to make myself useful to a fellow human being when he needs me most.

I WONDER: When the terrorism that threatens the world will end. Will it be wiped off or be replaced by something worse. I wonder how people can be mean to others. I feel that if I tried to be mean I’d hurt myself more than the person I wish to hurt. It is therefore in my own interest that I am good to people.

I REGRET: Not having realized the importance of a career earlier than I did. If I had joined my job around five years earlier I’d have propped up my sagging career. But now that I have written this I do feel, that, for the place accorded to me by my colleagues, I have no cause to regret at all. I regret not having visited my mother a little before her death and expecting her to live for ever. I regret not having done enough for a kind soul like her.
I HEAR: music in the chatter of my teen age students and return with them to my carefree youth.

I AM: Just what I am. An incorrigible optimist. I have no fear of an impending hell where we’ll stand to be judged by God Almighty. My image of God is similar to that of my father- Kind hearted, generous and affectionate. Such a God would forgive my mistakes and never punish me for errors committed unintentionally.

I DANCE: I don’t dance often but I danced for joy when I managed to top my batch in M.Sc at the age of 37 beating a 21 year old record held by the then VC. Another time when I jumped with joy was when I qualified the Bihar Eligibility Test for Lectureship at the age of 44 and was one among the 4 who qualified the exam from Jamshedpur. I felt like dancing when my grand daughters were born but keeping in mind the welfare of people around me I restrained myself.

I SING: I do have a ear for music but unfortunately I don’t sing. I only croak when no one is around.

I CRY: Easily in imagined situations or when I read a story. I normally don’t cry in real situations for I am usually in a philosophical mood or busy thinking of a way out.

I AM NOT: Good at hiding my feelings. Iam a very transparent person.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Deepavali sweets as well as the tradtional stuff for all our festivals. My friends in Jamshedpur know what special dish to expect and when.

I WRITE: Whatever I feel like and whenever I can. I am not very organised in my writing.

I CONFUSE: The names and faces of cinema stars. My dead grandma would be ashamed of me .

I NEED: A time of my own each day of my life.

need to pull my husband's leg every now and then!


Andrew McAllister said...

Regrets are hard because often you can't do anything about them. Maybe you could think of someone you care about now ... and visit them so you don't have to regret not doing so.
To Love, Honor and Dismay

Andrew McAllister said...

Hi again!
Thank you so much for visiting "To Love, Honor and Dismay" and for leaving such a supportive comment. (...maybe you would even consider adding me to your list of links so your readers can find their way as well? I promise I'll leave the porch light on for them :o)

All the best!

passerby55 said...

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Deepavali sweets ......

*In gabbar singh style....* in sholay

when is deepavali! when is deepavali!....haha

well ... all u mentioned in the tag i feel can be read from your writings!....i am your die hard fan you know....

Hip Grandma said...

passerby55:I already mentioned in my answers that I am a very transparent it is no wonder that my writings are a reflection of me.your support has won me many readers and it is me who has to thank you for it.

andrew:nice words from you.thanx a lot.yes i will think abt linking you.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Wow, you actually studied so hard!Hats off to you!

Usha said...

Every response reveals the person you are and what has made you the lovely person you are.
Why do I have this feeling that I have known you FOREVER?

Alapana said...

I rarely go through tag stories,Dont like doing tags but this is the first time i read through it all and felt good doing so.I have a student in my class who is 38yrs old,11yrs older to me and the exp of teaching her is great,She puts lot of hardwork and stands first in class and tries hard to updt herself with the world of teenegers,her classmates and infact i learn alot from her.Your post somehow reminded me of Mrs.Sharada my student.
No regrets for what you could have got earlier,You got somuch today out of your hardwork and we are all proud of you.
I am going to be a regular visitor here,wouldn want to loose touch with this place.

Lisa Johnson said...

I love your responses. I have become another one of your fans!

Neer said...

whoa!! a life well spent! :)

starry said...

This was a well written tag preeta. I must say congrats for all those accomplishments.You are smart and should have no regrets about your carrier. I also feel God is good and I dont like to blame god for everything bad that is happening to me or around me in this world. I think to some extent we cause it ourselves. Thats cute that u like to dance to. I think it is an inherent trait in all human beings. well done.know a little more about you. take care and have a wonderful weekend.Your husband and kids and grandkids must be really proud of you.

Hip Grandma said...

Usha:Thanx for your kind words.I am just the next door aunty who you meet everyday.that's why you feel that you've known me forever.

IQA:There is no sibstitute for hard work.

Alapana:I'd like to get to know Mrs. Sharada.I have a wonderful friend by that name.Are all Sharadas wonderful?

anali:Glad you like my writings.

neers:A well spent life?well may be.......

lalitha:thanx lalitha.i didn't mean to highlight all this.but being an open person i could not help for my children they may not even have realized that their mom was doing something.however they were free to do their thing and learnt to be responsible.My busy life was perhaps good for them too.

Lil Mizfit said...

ur post was one of the most refreshing blogs i've come across recently. u sure r hip grandma!

Hip Grandma said...

Mizfit:thanx a lot and welcome to my blog.

The Kid said...

"need to pull my husband's leg once a while" !! ha ha !

loved that!

Has to be me said...

That was really cool. I envy ur daughter (or son) cos u r around to pamper ur g.daughter. My mom was here with me too but unfortunately had to get back to India & me & kids r missing her a lot! :p

Im damn impressed that u pursued ur career albeit later on. Way to go!

Do share some deepavali sweets with ur blogging pals too!!! ;)

"I CONFUSE: The names and faces of cinema stars. My dead grandma would be ashamed of me." LOL!!

Hip Grandma said...

pratap:welcome to my blogspace.hope u like it here.

has to be me:good things must come to an end or else they'd be routone events.i'm sure your mom will pay you another visit soon.i wouldn't be me if i didn't confuse faces.

Visithra said...

To myself that neither good times nor the bad ones last forever.

- how true ;)

nice one as always

Movie Mazaa said...

~I CONFUSE: The names and faces of cinema stars. My dead grandma would be ashamed of me .~

Thats one thing that I wud never ever do!!! :) LOL!!

~I only croak when no one is around.~ LOL!!

Great job of the tag, Hiphop!!

Hip Grandma said...

visithra:I picked that one from a tamil serial in sun TV-Annamalai.the sreial was a bore but these lines impressed me.

velu:when are you taking up my tag?looking forward to it.

The Visitor said...

Hi hhgmom :)

You've made my day by visiting my blog and commenting on it! Yaay.

Hip Grandma said...

visitor:you too pal!

ammani said...


I love your blog. You got attitude and I love that better!.

Hip Grandma said...

ammani:welcome to my blog and I find ur blog interesting too.