Thursday, November 02, 2006

Let us contribute

Reporters Without Borders / Internet Freedom desk

When : 11 A.M. on 7 November to 11 A.M. on 8 November

No one should ever be prevented from posting news
online or writing a blog, but they are in the 13
countries singled out by Reporters Without Borders for
a 24-hour online protest against Internet censorship.
Worldwide, 61 people are currently in prison for
posting "subversive" content on a blog or website.
Reporters Without Borders is compiling a list of 13
countries whose governments are "Internet enemies"
because they censor and block online content that
criticises them. The Internet scares. Censors of every
kind exploit its flaws and attack those who pin their
hopes on it. Multinationals such as Yahoo! cooperate
with the Chinese government in filtering the Internet
and tracking down cyber-dissidents.

The defence of online free expression and the fate of
bloggers in repressive countries concern everyone. So
Reporters Without Borders is offering Internet users
tools to campaign against Internet predators and is
calling on them to participate in an INTERNATIONAL

Everyone is invited to support this struggle by
connecting to the Reporters Without Borders website
( between 11 a.m. (Paris time) on Tuesday,
7 November, and 11 a.m. on Wednesday, 8 November.
Each click will help to change the "Internet Black
Holes" map and help to combat censorship. As many
people as possible must participate so that this
Can be a success and have an impact on those
governments that try to seal off what is meant to be a
space where people can express themselves freely.

Protests will also be staged by Reporters Without
Borders bureaux around the world to condemn Internet
censorship and ethical misconduct of the Internet
giants when operating in one of these countries.

Reporters Without Borders will publish the list of the
13 Internet enemies on 7 November and at the same time
will launch its blog platform, rsfblog, and an
Arabic-language version of its press freedom website.

The agency Saatchi & Saatchi has created an Internet
ad calling on the entire Internet community to take
part in the 24-hour campaign. All media, websites and
blogs that want to support this large-scale protest
are invited to get in touch with C├ędric Gervet at
+331 4483-8474.


Artnavy said...

i think i saw a similar post on usha's as well.. I fully back the need for freedom to express onself

those who do not wish to read/ feel offended by the content can always choose not to right?

why don't governments focus on more pressing matters?

starry said...

Everyone should have the freedom to express themselves. what is with this internet censorship. the govt wants people to be in the dark.

Neer said...

this is absurd!! how could someone stop me from saying what i am saying from my own laptop??? and then again, what accounts for subversive posts?? one more debate, ensues!!

The Kid said...

11 am in which time zone ?