Monday, November 20, 2006

Tag Repeated !

I’ve tried to apply the parameters of an earlier tag to grandparents particularly grandfathers based on what I observed in my own father in law. I hope I’ve done justice to him.

Height of cruelty- Parents troubling a two year old grandson to learn the letters of alphabet and subjecting him to a rigorous routine of preparation for admission to a reputed playschool.

Height of reward- The child throwing a tantrum when the mother comes with a glass of milk but drinks it up like a lamb when grandma/grandpa give it to him. If the mom is the DIL so much the better.

Height of challenge- Answering the seemingly innocent question of grandkid with a straight face and without provoking a stern look of disapproval from the parent.

Height of vigilance-Checking the pockets of sleeping grandkids to make sure that they have no sharp or pointed objects in them such as pen knives and razor blades.

Height of dieting – Eating paani puri from a road side vendor when no one is around/ watching.

Height of desperation-Waiting for the office going son/DIL and school going grandchildren to finish using the bathroom before putting it to personal use. Worse when one’s spouse points out ‘Where is the hurry? Why can’t you wait?’ One tends to remember his/her hey days with despair.

Height of competition- Competing with grandkids for newspaper and magazines.

Height of comparison-Comparing the present times with the 1940s and saying ‘We would walk 6 miles to go to school’ or ‘ I would chop a whole lot of firewood on Sundays.’

Height of rivalry- Wanting to listen to Carnatic music at the very moment the grandson wants to listen to pop music. So what if the son/DIL are unable to settle the dispute!!

Height of anger- Angry with the wife for refusing to serve coconut chutney with idlis considering your soaring cholesterol level and throwing a tantrum knowing well that she alone would put up with it.

Height of table manners-Eating up grandchildren’s left over food to save them from their mom’s admonition.

Height of fitness-Getting up at five o’clock in the morning and going for a morning walk expecting the wife to get up just to lock the front door.

Height of choosiness- Choosing to advice one’s grandchildren’s friends on the merits of the earlier system ignoring the signal emitting from their eyes.

Height of dadagiri- Expecting each family member to report all their activities to you and seek your advice thereby respecting your capacity as the oldest family member.

Height of frustration- the grandchild wants to listen to a story just when you decide to take your afternoon nap. Turn to see if your wife can take over and find her already asleep.

Height of provocation – The grandchild hiding your spectacles or walking stick just when you decide to go to the park to meet other senior citizens and catch up on the latest news.

Friends my computer has developed some problem and is threatening to crash any time. I am unable to open my own blog or mail when I want to. I am at the mercy of this technical 'monster' and I still don't know if this post will be published. I deserve this for getting addicted to my blog world. I managed to open this after 3 days of trying. Please bear with me.


Anonymous said...

You are hip beyond your years. I especially like the parent v. grandparent dilemmas. I am a SAHD whose mil makes frequent and unannounced pop ins!
the only thing more trying than the inlaw v son or daughter relationship is the parent vs the nanny. Have you checked out isawyournanny on blogspot?

Itchingtowrite said...

Height of competition- Competing with grandkids for newspaper and magazines.
totally identified with it. my grandpa used to come into our room and remove pillows and bed sheets to check where we have hidden the magazine...

srijithunni said...

Hi Hip Grandma,

YOu are offering us perspectives, which I can never really understand in a wholesome manner, at my age, but surely would like to come and read all this again, down the years..

Thanks for taking all the touble to post this.. Why don`t you get someone to look at your machine and configuration..! Perhaps it can be easily fixed.

With Best Regards,

Artnavy said...

Very refreshing take and yes get your comp repaired na?

mommyof2 said...

I really like this better than all us mommies has done on this tag:-) yes, very refreshing & reminded of my grandma who is no more.. great job again:-)

Something to Say said...

ha ha good one...a compeltely different look at heights...

Mahadevan said...

Comparing with the earlier period, must be the pastime every grand parent takes pleasure in indulging.

passerby55 said...

Height of dieting – Eating paani puri from a road side vendor when no one is around/ watching.

loved this one. because i have seen this.

Preeta,you seem to be having problems with yuor NEt. Your blogmates definitely wish/hope *you were better in AMerica*

hillgrandmom said...

Hope your computer is behaving itself now!

Hip Grandma said...

jared hochel:That was an interesting mention.I'll check it out when my comp.gets fixed.

ITW:I've seen my FIL quarrel like a 10 year old for the newpaper with my children.

srijith:Thanks Srijith.The problem has been identified.It is a virus that interferes with its performance.I've applied for broadband but the dial up connection was not this bad earlier.Hopefully the problem should be fixed soon.

artnavy:Thanks and yeah I'm getting it fixed.All of you have become so much a part of my existance that I'd feel lost if I could not access your sites.

mommyof2:I wanted to do this all along.Grand parents deserve a mention too.

something to say:Tags are meant to bring out different views.

mahadevan:who should know it better than people like you and me??

passerby:There is a gentleman in our complex who regularly does that.My FIL was very restricted but his younger brother would regularly eat from the roadside.Samosas and panipuri were his favorites

hillg'mom:My comp is troubling me a lot and after enjoying its use for 5 months I find it frustrating.It is only by chance that I open a site.A worm (now identified) is playing spoil sport.At least it has been identified.I'll get it fixed soon.

Usha said...

awwwwwww. can't wait to get to that stage and do all this!

Visithra said...

heheh so cute - so true

Kalpana said...

Even my system gives problems the same way.

harshavardhan reddy said...

god....u r an awesome superb grandma...i wish i had a grandma like u.

Hip Grandma said...

Usha:you wiil have the pleasure and you're sure to enjoy it.


anon:what did you need??

kalpana:My system ruins my mood.I can't access my mails or post in my blog.I can't even read all your posts.The comp is kind enough to let me read your comments once in a way.I need to give it a golden handshake.

harshavardhan:I only hope my g'kids say so too.