Sunday, April 29, 2007

Random thoughts

I had asked Artnavy to look out for something in the next few days. Well this one is my B’day gift to her - An account of my meeting with her in January this year. She missed my b’day by a day but I took her visit to be a b’day gift nonetheless.

Well, to be frank I never expected to get so much when I first started my blog. My question to my daughter who started it for me was “What would I write about.”

“Anything under the sun. Just write what you feel like writing.” Was her reply.

And that is exactly what I did. I just poured my heart out and the responses I got were just overwhelming. I got a whole new set of friends and to my surprise many were from a group that I had felt would have no time for me. Artnavy was one of them. It was strange the way we got to know each other.

“You sound so much like Upali’s mom.” She wrote, “are you her?”

Now I know only one Upali in Jamshedpur who happened to be my daughter’s class mate and her mother lived in my very own block. It was a strange co-incidence that this was the same Upali mentioned by Artnavy. When I planned my trip to Chennai I had written to Artnavy suggesting that we meet if possible. Deep down in my heart I was a little apprehensive. What if her expectations from were high and I did not measure up to them? As it is I am a shortie and cannot measure up to most people. But I am very bad at acting. So I decided to be myself. She was kind enough to visit me at my sister’s place. I had worried in vain. She was so much like my own daughter in the way she interacted that I should not have worried at all. Whether it was her exposure to city life or her stint in different corners of India (North/south included) she was a nice person to get to know – age and height no bar. My stay at Chennai was short and I could not return her call. But then there is always a next time and this time I am going to meet Anush and Navy as well!!

Meeting Usha was a little easier. She was closer to me in age and I have been surprised the the way we two seem to perceive things.There is so much in common that she could well be the Preeta I tend to become in autobiographical accounts. This is perhaps an appropriate time to let you know why I assume the name in my stories.
When I first went to a boarding school in Coonoor, I was kind of feeling lonely and longed to run home.

“Preeta” a voice called out “I thought you weren’t coming back this year…. “The girl stopped when I turned around. I later became good friends with her. She was Uma Panch a class mate.She went on to tell me how strongly I resemble Preeta who was in their class the previous year. The girl had left our school following her father’s transfer. Since then many others mistook me for Preeta and my desire to meet her remains unfulfilled till date. I hope by some co-incidence I really get to meet Preeta. I seem to resemble none in my family and the one person who by all accounts resembled me had to leave just before I joined.Cameras were a luxury those days. So I did not get to see her photograph.

Usha, Artnavy and all other Taureans out there “A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU”.

It is my desire to meet Srijith, ITW, Arda and the Visitor whenever possible. I do hope it will materialize one day. With the Film festival on I am going to be a little busy.I do have something serious in mind. I need to frame the post with some responsibility. I am going to take the time it deserves to be given.I am running out of time. I plan to post my 100th post when my blog celebrates its first birthday I hope I do it.


Anonymous said...


i enjoy reading your blog but this is probably my first comment here.

do you by any chance know a payal sinha in jamshedpur, now or in the past?

- s.b.

Usha said...

awwww.that is so sweet and touching! I am so glad you started the blog and found me too - it has been sucha wonderful experience knowing you and excahnging notes on so many issues.
Thanks Padma.

Monika said...

nice read....

Vishesh said... have been to namma chennai...ha??

and you studied in coonoor .....

blogging for everyone starts the same way...what do i write...but once we start and the comments fillup...we can't get of it.... :)

Artnavy said...

thank you and the slight hesitataion on the "living up to expectations" was mutual

i could not have asked for a better bday gift than a mention by you

when i began blogging my high point was a comment by you and another by Boo

so when are you here next?

Altoid said...


"Usha, Artnavy and all other Taureans out there “A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU”."

Thanks for wishing me :). Very glad to have run into your blog, I for one love the title and some of your pieces are in my all-time favorite list to-reads. Keep writing and unfortunately I dont know anyone in/from Jamshedpur :(

The Visitor said...

As it is I am a shortie and cannot measure up to most people.
Same with me g'ma. LOL

I too would like to see all my blog friends, but I wouldn't want to be seen. I become tongue-tied in the presence of people. It's fine for me as long as I'm not visible. he he. I might want to borrow Harry Potter's invisibility cloak.

And G'ma its a honour for me that I'm on your list.

The Visitor said...

@s.b. - Gothcha here at G'ma's place. Now you aren't visible at Terri's?
Thanks for your link to Sayesha's hop-scotch. I too read the Wagah border visit from the Pakistan side. Sayesha writes very well. Thanks again.
PS: to G'ma - this -s.b. comments 'anonymously' on blogs that I visit - the only way to get to him/her is through comments on other blogs. Sorry for using your space, G'ma. :)

Alapana said...

Well,i did read about your meeting with Ushaji,and when you come back here to Bangalore add me to the list of the people whom you would want to meet,i would love meeting you:)
Been away from blogs and comments for a long time,feeling good to be back,how have you been:)

Ardra said...

Here I'm turning slightly green with envy that Artnavy and Usha got to meet you-
and I really believe that someday I'm going to get to meet you...
yeah, the first few moments may be a bit delicate- I too tend to worry abt not reaching upto expectations...guess when everybody feels that way, things will turn out fine?

Hip Grandma said...

anon(s.b.):Thanks for your kind words.I know several Payals in Jamshedpur but can't place any payal sinha.But the place is a small township and connections are bound to get established.Could you be more specific as to the school she attended or the location she lived in?

usha:Isn't it wonderful that senior and near senior citizen like us get accepted by the youngsters out there?I don't know abt you but I definitely feel good that none of these bright young bloggers have said "Chup Budhiya!Bahut ho gaya"!!

monika:thanks a lot.

vishesh:Yeah the blog experience is intoxicating.yeah i studied in coonoor and that too in a borading I longed to drop out and run was a great learning experience.Any coonoor connection?

artnavy:Which comment are you talking about?I'll be in chennai in June.Date not decided.I know I'll leave chennai on the 20th of June.shud be there around the 16th.will get in touch.

altoid:Happy b'day to you altoid.And wishes for many more to come.The blog does a great service by connecting like minded people.Aren't we glad to know each other??I know I am.

the visitor:Is'nt it time you threw away your cloak and became visible?You know all of us well enough then why this preference for invisibility?You are welcome to use my blogspace to post your comments to s.b. or anyone else.Please feel free.i'm glad you're a shortie.makes me feel accepted.

alapana:when did you shift to b'lore?I thought you were from Hyderabad.why don't we plan a grand get together?i'm sure we'd all enjoy the meeting.

ardra:You are right.We all feel that way but soon get over it.Well I hope the day comes soon when we're able to meet face to face.Looking forward to it.

Vishesh said...

no no conoor connection......but i like the place...drop out and run..??
thats interesting....y??

Artnavy said...

your first comment on my blog
way back in september last year

hillgrandmom said...

hhg, what's the serious thing happening in your life? I hope you are ok.

Hip Grandma said...

vishesh:I was leading a protected life at home when following my dad's transfer I had to go to a boarding school.Having never left my parents and home I wanted to run back.I soon got over it and spent the next 8 years in 2 hostels.I enjoyed my stint at the two places.

artnavy:I'll check immediately.

hillg'mom:Thanks for your concern.I am fine.I am dealing with a person who despite education and a well paid job is vulnerable and weak.I first want to get the facts right before taking any step to help her.If I want to generate opinions i may do a post on her.

Vishesh said...

i have never been away from my parents for too long...but guess i won't miss them...even if i do i have the mobile....and ofcourse the internet... but i do remeber how i cried cried and cried long when my sister was born and my mom was away in my g mom's place....

The Visitor said...

I am dealing with a person who despite education and a well paid job is vulnerable and weak.I first want to get the facts right before taking any step to help her.If I want to generate opinions i may do a post on her.
Looking forward to that post, due to a personal interest in the problem. :)

Unknown said...

I came to your site via Hillgrandmom. I grew up in Jamshedpur - passed out from school and did 2 years of college from JWC - felt nice to read yr blog

Anonymous said...

the visitor:

thanks for the intro :-). my comments are back at terri's too, and the reasons for my absconding in the recent past are in bangalore blues (all comments, of course).


payal was one of the infants i played with when i was a kid (i loved babies until they started screaming - who wouldn't?).

her most famous saying (at age 1.5)that used to be repeated in my family for many years afterwards was "amma naheen giraaegee". she had once come visiting from upstairs (they were our neighbours) and noticed some sugar that my mother had inadvertently spilled on the floor. at that age, she was sensible enough to acknowledge an adult could not possibly be at fault!

she is probably in her upper 20s right around now.

- s.b.

rads said...

awesome! Meeting e-pals is at both stressful yet wonderful in many ways. But everytime it's like taking a new road, you never know where you gonna! :))

Hip Grandma said...

vishesh:yeah we are better connected these days.40 yrs back it was not so.used to wait for letters.

the visitor:Do look out to it.Will post it soon.

eve's lungs:Welcome here.Which school did you go to?Our college and JWC are fierce competitors.Dr.Snehlata Sinha of JWC is now our acting Principal.

anon:That was cute.How trusting kids can be.It is only when thhey grow that they realize that adults are not as perfect as they seem and they can also giraofy......mmm what do I do abt it before the realization dawns upon my grandkids??

rads:First time here?welcome.Yeah I like trying out new roads.But our township is so small that no road is new anymore!!

Anonymous said...

good post Hip Grandma. I love coming back here again and again to read your views and thoughts.

Unknown said...

HHG - I went to Sacred Heart and then JWC - stayed first in Circuit House Area and then in Kayser Bungalows - Dindli Road . Had a lot of friends in Telco . Incab - what about you ? Just talking about the place makes me so nostalgic .

starry said...

Would love to meet you on your visit to california.I am glad you started to blog.I am glad I did because I have met many beautiful people .

Vishesh said...

letters sounds familiar...isn't that the thing the "post man" brings"??


but no one writes letters now days....who needs to...just sit in google chat/YM and bingo!no need to even type out a mail!

btw.can i add you to my blog roll??

Hip Grandma said...

nz:how are things at your end?And has your friend's family reconciled to their loss?i recently lost another good friend to cancer.Why does God choose the one's who are assets to their families?

eve's lungs:Both my daughters went to sacred hearts but did their college outside Jampot.Calcutta is not too far off.why don't you visit??we stay in kadma.Kayser bunglows are on my way to college.

Lalitha:You know I half expected to meet you at the Malibu temple when I was there.I like to dramatize things and would wonder how it would be if I met you right there.May be when I visit next we shud meet.

Vishesh:No sms or emails can be the same as thr good old letters delivered by the postman.But we have to keep pace with changing times and find ourselves writing 'u' for you and 'y' for why.No I'm not are welcome to blogroll me.Do you mind if I add you to mi list?

Vishesh said...

what you say is just shows that we are becoming more and more impatient...everything has to be done you have goggle talk and ym to im and also call others free...

that shows we are evolving...evolving for the good or bad seems to be the question, because everyone isn't involved..

no problems you can add me thanks :)

Unknown said...

I should visit - I want my girls to see the place I grew up , will probably plan a visit soon !You teach in college?