Sunday, June 24, 2007

The thinking blogger!!

I am afraid that I’ve taken an endless amount of time to respond to the Visitor’s tag on the thinking blogger.ITW was also kind enough to mention me in her response to the tag and finally Gauri has again asked me to list 5 bloggers who made me think. I really had no access to the computer while I was vacationing and when I managed to open my blogspot at my sister’s place all I could manage was a passing glance. I was, as I mentioned earlier hopping from a reception to marriage and again to a grihapravesh and Shashtiabdapoorty fitting in somewhere in the midst of a hectic trip. I met so many of our relatives in Trichy after a lapse of 14 years and the affection they showered on us was intoxicating as well as overwhelming. I could not help feeling lousy for not having visited them earlier. I am also glad that I managed a visit this time ‘cos 2 of my husband’s aunts are nearing eighty and wanted to know details about my children whom they had seen in their pre teens. Toddlers would be more appropriate. So, I apologize to all of you who’ve placed so much affection on me for the delay and I continue with the hope that I do justice to the task assigned to me.

I would like to classify the blogs I visit into categories. I got the idea on reading Usha’s response to the tag. Had we been children Usha would have made a face at me and said ‘Copy cat, killed a rat……’ etc and I might have run after her. I dare not run now because a broken limb or a fractured skull may take longer to mend at my age.

My five categories of bloggers who set me thinking are-

1) Golden oldies: We who ought to stay put in a corner seat but insist on sharing (boring??) our thoughts with the world. Yeah! I refer to Mahadevan, hillgmom and Usha. Each of them is an inspiration. Mahadevan for his depiction of characters in R.K. Narayan style, hillgmom whose enthusiasm is so catchy-be it the pictures of orchids or birds that visit her garden or a family get together. I always feel like a family member – loved and included. As for Usha I love her inspirational posts and her choice of subjects. There can only be ONE Usha with the magical effect of livening up every topic that she takes up. I don’t know if I can get away with calling Usha an oldie. I know that a number of you are Usha’s fans, my daughter included and I am prepared for a dressing down from one or all of you.
2) Superwomen: I refer to Artnavy, ITW, just like that, deepti, sunita and all other mommy bloggers who mange a demanding career, find quality time for their children as is evident from their writings and find time to appreciate the works of fellow bloggers.Reading their pieces takes me back to the time when I was a young mother myself. I also try to imagine what my own grand daughters may be doing on reading about these children. Apart from this Deepti gives an account of places of tourist interest in Hyderabad and ITW and artnavy write about shopping centers and eateries in Chennai. Hats off ladies! We could learn a few things from you people.

3) Reviwers: I refer to the Visitor and Balaji. When you have limited time and want to get an instant feed back on the interesting reads that blogs offer you can just hop into their blogspace and you have a fair review and update of the writings of other bloggers. They are indeed doing a great service perhaps even without realizing how important their work is for novices like me.

4) Sensitivity: passerby55, starrynights and Srijith Unni belong to this group. It is a pleasure reading them. They have a way of expressing their thoughts and their expression touches a vital chord in one’s mind. Unfortunately passerby is off on a long leave and Srijith has a busy schedule. So we don’t get to read more of them.

5) Gen X: the kid, vishesh, mnowluck , venky etc belong to this group.I’ve been able to get some insight into the minds of young girls due to my interaction with teenaged girls in the college. But reading the blogs of these boys I think I am able to understand their perspective as well. The kid almost took me to task on my views on feminism and vishesh manages several blogs, each for a different interst.

Apart from those mentioned above there are bloggers like ammani whose quick tales are interesting, archana bahuguna whose poems are as inspirational as her writingsand visitra who spends time with orphans during her free time,monika who balances between two culturally different families ………… the list is long but each one of you has contributed to the ‘thinking process’ in your own way. Whenever I read your blogs I always seem to think -‘That is a new way of looking at the issue’ or ‘I hadn’t thought of it that way’. I have learnt something from each one of you and I have to thank ITW, the Visitor and gouri for tagging me and making me ‘think’ of what I have learnt from you.
I welcome all those mentioned here to take up this tag and identify 5 bloggers who made them think and deserve the thinking blogger award.


Gauri said...

Thank you so much for having taken up the tag. :-)

And glad to note that you had a fab time during your holiday in the South of India.

Usha said...

hahahha...copy cat, killed a rat indeed....why dont you try running now? It might be fun. Lol.
Hm..oldie...well, chroniologically I fit in ther alright but psychologically I may never. What is wrong with me?
I love your post and share the same sentiments about all these bloggers.

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks for taking the tag.. and thanks for the mentions..

Ardra said...

I'm in Trichy! If only I knew...I would've loved to meet you- what a loss- when are you coming here again?


hillgrandmom said...

thanks so much for your kind mention.Really made my day

Hip Grandma said...

gauri:my pleasure.yeah I had a nice time in the south.Pampered by my MIL's family after a long time.

Usha:I call you an oldie just so that these youngsters may not lure you away from me.I need your support when these superwomen and nen gang up against me!

ITW:i was dissappointed abt not having met you in Chemnnai.But this visit was dedicated to my husband's side of the family and we went as far as Tambaram to meet people.

ardra:What a dissappointment.I thought you were from Coimbatore.Well,I was in Trichy for 4 days and was based in Sundarnagar/devarayan nagar from where I visited urayur,lalgudi and Tirumangalam.I wish I had known you were in trichy.

hillgmom:As I mentioned in the post your description of family get togethers make me feel included.It is not anexaggeration.Trust me.Do take up the tag.

Just Like That said...

Am truly honoured/DELIGHTED to figure in your post on thinking bloggers. Thank you.

And now I need to figure out what to do, cos I am relatively new (4 months)out here. Will try and take you up on the tag asap.

Artnavy said...

thanks hhgmom

u must visit the travel blog where i guest write-

would love ur thoughts that too since u seem to have tarvelled extensively yourself

Mahadevan said...

You have correctly categorised the various blogs you read regularly. I agree with Usha that at heart we are younger than our chronological age.

The Kid said...

Thanks for the mention. I appreciate it :)

Hip Grandma said...

Just like that:I haven't done justice to the tag myself.I think I'll post the rules for you to see.It may be helpful.

artnavy:I have traveled a lot but haven't visited too many places of tourist interest.Will definitely visit the site mentioned.Whether I can contribute is doubtful.

mahadevan:your writings leave no doubt in our mind regarding your mental age.I was just joking.I hope you didn't mind.

The kid:i appreciate your forthrightness and candour.Keep them as prized possessions always.

Vishesh said...

thanks gmom...i did the tag already :) i was tagged along with you by visitor....

Sandeep Menon said...

Lovely Blog...especially loved the 'Grinding Stone Post'...I will surely recommend it to my mom. Am sure she'd enjoy reading it.Keep the good work going.

Balaji said...


Thanks for the mention. I will definitely take up the tag. Don't know when though

Priya Ramachandran said...

hey mother... i sent my friend n.p. the link to your blog. she was mighty impressed that a) you were blogging at all b) you blogged so well - here's what she wanted me to tell you :)

"She is an inspiration really & writes so well, great stuff. Please convey my sincere compliments to her, she is ONE HIP GRANDMOM, for sure"

srijithunni said...

Hi Hip Grandma,

Thanks! I shall always hold this mention as a prized possession! Also thanks for introducing so many other wonderful bloggers..! Don`t know how many i will be able to read up.. but will try my best..!

Will take up the tag soon! I`m not exactly busy right now. I was till now, but I think there`s a sort of a mental break until the next sprint of blogging starts..!

Have Fun and Take Care..!

With Best Regards,

Prasanna Parameswaran said...

Great! Im back to reading your blogs, thanks for stopping and still enquiring. I have a lot of posts to catch up on yours, will read them as and when I have time.

The Visitor said...

Hello g'ma,
Sorry for not having responded earlier. You've done a wonderful post and have given all people equal share of praise as would be expected of a mom as well as an impartial teacher. :)

I wanted to share with you a Tribute to a Teacher

The Visitor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monika said...

thanks for the mention, thats an honour in itself... will take up the tag may be will take loads of time because of the current situation i am in :)

Sunita said...

Its been a while I have been here since your last celebration post. And look what I missed ..DUH!!!

I am truly honored. Thank you.

Archana Bahuguna said...

Hg: Thanks for the mention ... it's an honor :-)...

Hip Grandma said...

visesh:yeah I noticed that.

sandeep menon:first time here.welcome.i hope you enjoy the stuff i write.

balaji;please take your time

pixelchick:thanx.I am flattered.

srijith:you deserve every word I said and more.we all go thro' this lull period when we feel like lazing around doing nothing.

indianangel:you are yet to send me the link to the narration about the widow.i am waiting.

the visitor:as i have mentioned your recos are very helpful.As a person I find it difficult to be biased.genes i supose.

monika:I can understand.Take care of yourself.The tag can wait.

sunita:i feel honored to be read by youngsters like pleasure to have known you people.

archana:you will remain special 'cos I found you on my own.