Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tag story.

Usha seems to place hopes on me by tagging me. I do hope that I haven’t let her down. After weeks spent in depression this was a welcome change.

Last Movie You Saw In A Theater:

Theatre?? What’s that??

What Book Are You Reading:

’The Better Man by Anita Nair. I should have finished it long ago but the summer heat has disrupted my concentration.
Favorite Board Game:

Would you call Ludo a board game? I loved it as a child and would love a game even now.

Favourite Magazine:

Reader’s Digest any day.

Favorite Smells:

Smell of gram flour after a baby’s bath, smell of asafetida when rasam simmers, smell of powdered cardamom and of course my favorite kadambam and jasmine flowers that I get to smell when I visit temples in the south.

Favorite Sound:

Birds chirping at dawn, the silence that follows a torrential rainfall, the merry laughter of a 3 month old baby.

Worst Feeling In The World:

The feeling that sooner rather than later we humans may not find time for others in distress.

Favorite Fast Food Place:

Never relished fast food except golgappa from a vendor in college.
Future Child's Name:

I did not name my own children and don’t entertain hopes of naming my grandchildren. That is the privilege of the parents. A privilege that was denied to me.
Finish This Statement. "If I Had A Lot Of Money I'd...”

…….. contribute towards ensuring two square meals for at least for growing children.
Do You Drive Fast?

No. I do not dare to.

Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?


Storms-Cool Or Scary

Neither. They are part of life whether actual or figurative.

What Was Your First Car?

Maruti Alto in pearl grey. Likely to be my only car.
Favourite drink:
Buttermilk, lemon tea.

Finish This Statement, "If I Had The Time I Would .....”

I don’t want to have time. How then would I find excuses for unfinished jobs. I’d always like to need ‘just 10 minutes.

Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli?

I don’t know about broccoli but cauliflower stems taste good.

If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice?

Black of course.

Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In.

Chennai as a baby, Coimbatore when I started school, Mumbai, Meerut(middle school), Coonoor(High School), Tiruchi (college) Gobichettipalayam before marriage and finally Jamshedpur since 1973.

Favorite Sports To Watch:

One day Cricket when India is winning.

One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You:Words fail me.

What's Under Your Bed?

3 wooden doors dismantled when we replaced them with syntax ones. No takers. Just gathering dust. Offered to donate them to a Nursing home. People won’t even take it for free. :–((

Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again?

I consulted a ‘naadi josiyan’ who reads one’s past from palm leaves and he said that I was born to rich parents in Sri Lanka in my previous birth. My brother consulted a different person who said the same about him. Looks as if we are destined to be born as ourselves. So I think I have no choice. Jokes apart I don’t believe in rebirth.

Morning Person Or Night Owl?

Morning person.Can’t remain awake after 11 at night.

Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up?

I don't think I understan the question

Favorite Place To Relax:

The park near my house.

Favorite Pie:

Never tried. May be I did but I don’t remember the taste.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

Strawberry,Chocolate ummm……..all flavors really.

Of All The People You Tagged This To, Who's Most Likely To Respond First?

I’ve disappointed Usha by taking this much of time. So I cannot really say. But I tag eve’s lung and dipali and want to see who’d do it first. My guess is………… I’ll keep it for later.


Priya Ramachandran said...

wah wah mummy, I can spot quite a few, shall we say, less than true statements in there. you never had fast food apart from gol gappa in college cafeteria??? i guess you've forgotten sneaking behind daddy's back and eating aloo chops in LIC canteen, stopping for tikkis at Kadma bazaar, not to mention vada paav and bhel on various bombay trips.

and at least one sibling of mine has been named by you and you alone. so i thought i better warn your readers!!!

Usha said...

Where did you consult Naadi Josyan - it is really surprising that he said that about both of you. Does it mean that we continue to have the same brothers and sisters too in successive births? ( I do not believe in rebirth or josyam but some of these are fascinating to delve into)
How do you like the better man - It is not a book you can read in a hurry. Perhaps that is why you are taking your time.

Priya: Tell us about all the tricks mom was upto behind papa's back - eating junk food huh! I knew it I knew it. hehehehe.

aMus said...

that was neat...and u seem to be a total chaat lover!!!

LUDO- 3months back, my 5 yrold was obsessed with te game...

Hip Grandma said...

priya:The qn. was my favorite fast food place and bhelpuri or jhal muri eaten during train trips to mumbai and kolkata are automatically excluded.And LIC canteen is not a fast food place.People have full meals there.As for naming your brother remember he has 2 names and the one he is called at home was Meera aunty's choice and the real name was mine but a total flop of a name and he probably curses me for giving it as his name in school.That is why I dare not name my grandkids.

usha:I was very much into astrology and palmistry some 10 years back.Not any more.But I have noticed one thing.Negative predictions often come true.I am still waiting for the windfall that a student said was on its way to my place.Don't trust a word that Priya says.She was only a child and childhood memories are often blurred. :-D

suma:yes I do love chaat and golgappa and have them quite regularly with friends.

Jaya said...

You lived in Trichi? Gopichettipalayam? My dad was born there and lived a major years of his life before coming to Delhi. Seems like chaat is everyone's favourite....

Hip Grandma said...

joy:Where?Tiruchy or Gobi?If it was obi I may be able to connect.

Phoenix said...

Loved "
I don’t want to have time. How then would I find excuses for unfinished jobs.":)

hillgrandmom said...

Hip Grandma, I have finally done that tag you had asked me to do quite a while back. Sorry I took so long *hanging my head in shame*:(
I am also sorry that you were feeling depressed. I hope you are feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that naadi josyam is really accurate..have always wanted to try it just to see what they say. But from your post, it looks like they have some standard prophecies :(

Anonymous said...

Did you study in Sitalakshmi Ramaswamy college in Trichy ? As for Nadi josiyam, I consulted one in Gobichettypalayam. Some of my relatives continue to live there ..nice peaceful place.

dipali said...

I just did this tag, HHG- on Aril 22nd! And Ludo is my favourite board game too!

Hip Grandma said...


hillg'mom:Thanks for taking it up.Vacations started?or are you busy.How about taking this one?

lekhni:certain revelations in 'naadi josyam' surprised me.Like he said that I lived in a place between Kalinga and Pataliputra and that there was a river running close to my house.I don't know if predictions about the future come true. Mine didn't.

nikhila:I studied in Holy Cross.But a good many of my cousins studied in SRC.How are you connected to Gobi?

dipali:Went through your tag.Neatly done.

Anonymous said...

teri leela aparampar prabhu! kya logic lagaya hai - if LIC canteen is not a "fast food place", neither is your college canteen.

usha, don't worry, my mom is a complete fast food nut. from masala dosa at the local tamil place to chowmein to chaat and bondas, my mom is a veteran at fast food hopping. yeah, she hasn't had much chance to eat the KFC/McDo variety. and i'm doing this parda-faash as a social service to you guys because she seems to harbor under a "I'm such a chamathu martyr" complex ;D

- Priya

dipali said...

@priya: You are really having a ball, aren't you? Love all this 'mom ka parda phaash' business!

Tys on Ice said...

hey! i studied in coonoor!

one of these days, i will take mads and kids to my school..hated it whn i was there but the place is so beautiful and filled with memories..

Hip Grandma said...

priya:correct me if i am wrong.I thought fast food stood for food high in calorie and low in nutrients.I also feel that masala dosa is a complete planned food with carbohydrates,fat and proteins in the right proportion.BTW serves me right for tagging you along on my shopping trips and 'treating' you at these places.'bhalai ka zamaana nahin' -what to do that's what the world is!And for your info I've never really liked chow mein.Maggie and Top Ramen are different and this father of yours never lets me have ever since you guys left home I've deprived of soooooo many things in life that we enjoyed together.

dipali:Taking sides are you??I thought you were my friend.

tys:which school did you go to in coonoor?St. Joseph's?

Deepanjan said...

Hi! I was born and brought up in Jamshedpur. Studied in Gulmohur High School and Hill Top School before moving to Pune and Mesra for higher education.
Stumbled across your blog. Hurried through your posts. You write well.

Unknown said...

I still have 2 tags pending - one from HG and the other from Onedia - and yours is the 3rd and the easiest !Great to see you back in operation. OOf Pixelchick is taking your case !!! These cheeky kids ...!

Hip Grandma said...

deepanjan:welcome here.good to have Jamshedpurians stumble into my blog.

eve's lung:I knew I could count on you to defend me.Priya seems to feel nostalgic and seems to be re-living her days in Jamshedpur.

indosungod said...

Love reading about the stuff you write. I forget how I got here first but have been reading quietly for a while now. After you mentioned Gobi and CBE had to talk:) I grew up about 60Kms from Gobi.

Hip Grandma said...

indosungod:Welcome here.I almost missed your comment.How are you connected to Gobi?Love the place.