Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back again

After a reasonably hectic schedule i am now back to blogging. What did this break mean to me? Well the arrival of a grand daughter on the 26th of June meant the world to me having become a g'mom for the fourth time. 'Mool se sood pyara' is a famous saying and how true it is I now understand. So as my family grows I continue to enjoy grandmotherhood.I don't remember ever carrying my children on my back but i did make an exception of my grand daughter Megha and enjoyed myself thoroughly! I got to read a few good books and I'd recommend 'The kitchen God's wife' by Amy Tan to all of you. On the flip side however I found every useful item out of order.The fridge didn't work, the battery of my car had to be changed, the mixer flopped at the most inopportune moment and the TV cannot be repaired easily since Thompson TV does not have a service centre here and we are at the mercy of a mechanic who promises to get it repaired but hasn't done it yet. To add to my woes I was nursing a stiff neck and couldn't take a day off 'cos i had used up all my leave. In a way a messy house and useless gadgets were welcome because I kept raving and ranting but did not find time to miss my g'kids too much.Now that I am better I've started worrying about them. So that's all for now. Lavanya, what's the news from your end?And madhu and Monika how are your lil' ones doing? More in my next post.


Vishesh said...

lol :) welcome back :D

aMus said...

glad to see you back :)

and time to change the header which says grandmom to two...:)

Prats said...

hey...welcome back...and congrats!!!
It must be such a wonderful feeling...with kids all around.
Sad about those useless gadgets....but i'm sure it'll all get better soon...until then take care of ur neck and ur health too

Renu said...

Yeah, I know how it feels when so many gadgets stop working, has happened many times with me.
Little kids, and specially ur grand children are ultimate pleasure:), I keep pestering my son and daughter to start a family to no avail:(
I also have thompson TV but in Nagpur they had a service centre, and in Hyderabad, we got a very good mechanic, so got it done.

Monika said...

welcome back and congrats :) glad u had a goog time... my little one is growing up fast and becoming naughtier by the day... he has started to crawl now so u can imagine

Gauri said...

Welcome back HHG and congratulations on grandmotherhood - four times over :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back! we missed you!

hey, your grand daughter's birth date is one day after mine (just the date, not the year of course:)) glad you had a good time in the US.

rajk said...

Welcome back, HHG! You were missed sorely in blogdom!!
I agree Kitchen God's Wife is a good read.
Hope to hear more from you...anecdotes from the past months ;and more..

starry said...

welcome back and congratulations on the birth of your grandchild.

Unknown said...

Arrey P welcome welcome - missed you ! I hope you had a good break !

The Visitor said...
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The Visitor said...

Oops - I missed it. Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild too. :)

hillgrandmom said...

Grandmotherhood is really the best isn't it? I can just imagine how much you must miss your grandkids.\Nice to have you back though.

Hip Grandma said...

vishesh:what are you upto these days?Joined college?

suma:yeah,thanks for pointing out.Please note that I've changed it.

prats:the problem is that we feel so lost without these our mothers and grandmothers managed for a good many years i wonder.

renu:welcome here.i do hope your children oblige you soon.My TV is now working but the red colour is missing and the picture tube is costly and not worth replacing.We've decided to watch programmes sans the red color and buy one soon.

monika:so sweet.hugs to him.

gowri:thanks.It feels good to be are abay and aparna??

globalindyan:thanks and i'll remember you b'day too.

rajk:I really hoped to talk to you while in the US.Time was short.

lalitha:thanks.long since I read your blog or anyone's for that matter.will catch up soon.

eve's lungs:Oh yeah the break was welcome.i feel capable of sustaining myself for the next few months with the pleasant memories of my stay with the g'kids.

ot:thanks and welcome here.

susan:who should know it better than you and me??one can enjoy grandparenting more because we tend to mellow down with age and indulge g'kids in ways that were not possible with children.

Usha said...

Welcome back padma and there is something for you at my blog.

dipali said...

Welcome back!