Saturday, November 15, 2008

A welcome tag!

Tags are always welcome when one runs out of ideas and this one came right in time. Thank you Usha. I hope I’ve done justice to this one. Who ever thought that a talkative person like me would actually run out of ideas? (:-((

My oldest memory:
My maternal uncle’s wedding when I was about 5 years old. I played a lot in the sand and called my maami by her name and someone admonished me for it. Around that time my older brother was learning to ride a bicycle and met with an accident and my dad bandaged his forehead. I remember that my cousins from Bombay were visiting us then and we were staying in Coimbatore.

Ten years ago:
I was on a confrontation mode with the Principal of our college. At that time I’d be discussing our Principal or my son’s teen troubles with any one interested or disinterested.

My first thought this morning:
‘Four more days to go before my cousins arrive’.
I am really looking forward to their visit on their way to Kolkata. I am just counting days. These two are cousins who are like sisters to me this is their first visit to my place. Funny how sentimental one gets even after becoming a grandmother.

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain:
Some interesting books, a laptop to play computer games and CDs with carnatic music by M.S. Subbalakshmi, K.J.Yesudas and Balamuralikrishna.Also some old Tamil classics by Kalki and novels by Anutthama and Shivashankari.

This year:
Has been good except for my sister in law’s illness and my dear friend and colleague losing her husband. But then that is what life is all about. The optimist in me is glad that my sister in law is recovering and we welcomed two grandchildren to our lives. Career too has been satisfactory. I have actually reached the stage where one has to think of tax saving options after 26 years of service. I really thought that I’d never get to pay taxes and the 5th pay (due since 1996) would never get implemented. It hasn’t been implemented even now. But the government has been kind enough to grant some interim relief.

14 years from now:
I hope I am as loved and wanted by one and all as I am today. In other words I hope that I continue to make myself useful to society and remain as flexible as I am today. But who knows. In the process of ageing I may just turn out to be the ‘crazy old woman’ whom everyone avoids. I think I’ll read and re-read my posts and draw some inspiration from them.

I almost forgot. I'm supposed to tag people. Well I tag hillg'mom, Renu and Ugich to carry this tag forward.


Mampi said...

Loved your tag. I am yet to do it, but I think I will do it this week, because I was tagged twice on this.
I am amazed that the 5th Pay commission report was not implemented in your state. Which state are you in??
Here the teaching world is clamoring for the 6th pay commission report.

Ugich Konitari said...

HHG: Thanks for tagging me, but I really dont do tags....I apologize. (I know you tagged me earlier, and I should have told this earlier. ) But thank you for asking...

Jaya said...

In 14 years from now, infact sooner, you would be an author of a bestseller!! Enjoyed your time travel.

Hip Grandma said...

mampi:I stay in Jharkhand where all govt.departments have got their 5th pay commission benefits except University and college staff.they say that the 5th and 6th play will be implemented simultaneously.

ugich:it is okay.Any particular reason?

Joy;you lace high hopes on me.i am flattered.i really am.

Vishesh said...

:) lol this tag truly applies for people of your age :)

Mana said...

I had once called my maama-Shakuni maama and my mother had got scolded me for that :D

Lovely tag. Congrats on the arrival of 2 news kids :)

Prats said...

**Who ever thought that a talkative person like me would actually run out of ideas? (:-((**

I know how that is....i'm now entering the solid wall called, block...writer's thinkers whatever...

You called your maami by her!!! That would have been a crime in those days...poor you.

and HHG, you will never get to be a crazy old woman...dont ever worry....

Artnavy said...

why it taking so long for teh 5th pay commission- cant you do somehting hhgmom style??

and u will beinspiring even 14 yrs from now- no doubts at all on that

Hip Grandma said...

vishesh:Thanks,it was enjoyable.

manasa:That was funny.Maamas are adorable.two mas make one maama!

prats:It happens all the time.Not wanting to do anything at all.Then one comes up with something good.I hope it happens to me too.

artnavy:I retire in 2 years and I hope I get a huge sum as arrears.It will be really useful then.Thanks for expecting me t be an inspiring person 14 years from now.I too hope so.No one has time was useless old women!!

starry said...

Interesting tag with some interesting answers.Loved it.

hillgrandmom said...

will do the tag HHG.

Renu said...

This is the lovely tag and thanks for tagging me, when i was reading it, i was thinking that i wud love to do it...and lo I got it:)
I will do it once I am back from my vacation:)

Sumana said...

You never sound boring and I cannot think if anything that would turn you like that. I remember my dad discuss about pay commission and DA etc. Glad you got the interim. I am sure things will shape up right.

Usha said...

Thanks for doing the tag Padma. I do hope that there are enough people who can read Tamil when your Time capsule is unearthed.:)
When you get the arrears let us go out and party. GRIN

Hip Grandma said...

lalitha:thanks.Why don't you take it up?

hillg'mom:Was busy last week will check out if you have done the tag.

sumana:All govt.servants sing the same tune and I am no exception.I hope we are granted the new(!0 yr.old) scale.And thanks for having faith in me.

Usha:That gives me an idea.With fewer people reading Tamil maybe I can teach people to read and write Tamil 14 years from now!
When i get my arrears I'll fly to B'lore in the executive class and all of us bloggers can get together and celebrate like crazy.