Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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This was a tag given to me by Renu long back. To be honest these are not the actual responses by my children. Knowing them, this is what I expect them to say. Just meant to be laughed off.

Mama: What is something I always say to you?

Son: You say so many things. The list is long.

Daughter: I don't think you've kind of insisted on anything. So can't really say.

Me: A talkative person like me hasn't said much? Not very complimentary :-((.

Mama: What makes me happy?

Son: The quick retorts you get from me. But for me you would lose your mental sharpness.

Daughter: You are generally happy but you seem happiest in tackling adverse situations. Challenges seem to give you a high.

Me: so true:)

Mama: What makes me sad?

Son: Anyone whose sob story impresses you. God knows how many people find your shoulders suitable to cry on. Honestly, I've lost count.

Daughter:Treachery and your inability to correct it. But you do go overboard to the extent of letting things affect your health.

Mama: How do I make you laugh?

Daughter: When your lips start quivering and you seem ready to cry while watching vidaai scenes in a movie or TV serial. I found it funny even as a child and wondered how you failed to see that it was not for real.

Son: mmmmmmmmmm.I think I'll say 'me too.'

Mama:What do you think I was like as a child?

Daughter: From what patti said you were a bookworm and very careless with your things. But daddy's company seems to have sobered you.

Son: I can't even imagine you as a child. But from what patti says you seemed to have been the boringly good kid, listening to mamma and generally being obedient. Thank God for us children who made life spicy and interesting for you.

Me:I didn't know that being good could be boring.

Mama: How old am I?

Daughter: You are now a grandmom to 4 g'kids but getting younger by the day.

Son : My soon to retire mother, why ask leading questions? If you expect me to say that you are young at heart and stuff like that..........I think I am sleepy and need to go to bed. (yaaaaaawns!)I think I'll make up for that by saying that you are ageing gracefully. Happy??

Me: Loved your responses.Reminded of the time when you were here in Jamshedpur.

Mama: How tall am I?

Daughter: All of us could see the top of your head from time immemorial.

Son : As tall as I want my mother to ever be.

Mama: What is my favourite thing to do?

Son:Your afternoon sleep with all three children made to forcibly lie down whether they wanted to sleep or not.

Daughter:Discussing issues that affect mankind in general.

Me: My college timing has changed and so no more afternoon naps except on Sundays and holidays.

Mama: What do I do when you’re not around?

Son:Playing computer games I suppose.

Daughter:Listening to carnatic music and blogging perhaps.

Me:Missing my kids, you silly children!

Mama: If I become famous, what will it be for?

Son: For being the mother of excellent children. The day is not far ma....Just wait.

Daughter: For your heartfelt concern for those around you.

Mama: What am I really good at?

Son:You seem to handle situations that drive you crazy very well. And you make excellent rasam.

Daughter:You balance home and job pretty well tho' I don't remember you doing anything really fast. I remember you starting after us and overtaking us on the road in your moped. Daddy was always a safe driver but you loved to speed up.

Mama: What am I not really good at?

Son:Cooking an elaborate meal. I don't think you care too much about spending hours together in the kitchen.

Daughter: At defending your children. You always wanted to hear the other side of the story instead of believing our version right away.

Mama: What is my job?

Son:Being our mother.What else, eh?

Daughter:To worry about daddy as if he were a 4 year old.You've never let him grow.

Me: I did not stop his growth. He preferred it that way. It suited him.

Mama: What is my favourite food?

Son:Spicy south Indian dishes like 'vattal kuzhambu and seppangizhangu roast'.

Daughter:Junk food like pani puri and samosas. We know it ma..ha,ha.

Me: I've given it all up now.

Mama: What makes you proud of me?

Son:You learnt to drive a car at the age of 54. Wow, I am impressed.

Daughter: You pursued your studies after a gap of 15 years. I remember the hard work you put in.

Mama: What makes me proud of you?

Son:Proud of me? That's good news.

Daughter:didn't know you were proud of us. Why didn't you let us know?

Me: Naughty children. as if you didn't know.

Mama: What do you and I do together?

Son : Discuss socially relevant issues.

Daughter: '''''''''mmmmmmm' let me think..... Oh yes, you've made me help in the kitchen ever since I could. So how come you don't remember me helping you out????''''

Me: sorry my child. I wish I could undo all that and give you back your childhood.

Mama: How are we the same?

Son:I don't think we are the same and I am glad we aren't. Like poles repel you know!

Daughter:We both like junk food.

Me:Sonny boy, we share the same gene pool. How different can you be?

Mama: How are you and I different?

Son:I am a towering personality and you are a shortie!!

Daughter: I am better organized than you. You keep hunting for things all the time.

Me: True, very true.

Mama: What is one thing you wish you could change about me?

Daughter:I'd really want you to lose weight. It would be good for your health.

Son : Me too.

Me:I'll try harder but There seems to be little I can do about that.


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