Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Suranga tagged me to write about 10 things that I do that are not considered feminine. Well Suranga 10 is a little too much but I'll try anyway.

1. I am not keen on make up/shake up etc. Even on my wedding day I did not use lipstick. Except when in my pre-teens I don't remember ever wanting to own lipstick. I think it has something to do with a teacher who'd pick on me all the time. I don't remember her name but I do remember her red lipstick and frowny face.

2. I do not attach too much importance to feeding the family and children in particular. Yes, they need to be given meals on time and I make sure that the food is nutritous and filling. But ask me to cook a separate dish for each of my children or worry about satisfying a fussy child throwing tantrums for food........ well they can howl as much as they want but they get to eat what the rest of us eat. I was brought up that way and I never imagined that there could be another way. However I do see other mothers do exactly the opposite and I feel a little inadequate as a mother.

3. I have said this before and I'd say it again. I am not the person to want to go on a shopping spree. Most of my sarees have been selected by other people. Like say a person may go to Calcutta and pick up a few sarees from there and ask me to choose from among them. Even in that case the number should not exceed 2 or 3. Someone just has to say that this one or the other one would look good on me and I'd simply go for it. Regarding my monthly provisions, my husband takes care of it. I drive him to the market and wait in the car most of the time. It is the other way round in most families.

4. When my daughters visit I book tickets and plan for vacations and my husband worries about pickles and pappadams.

5. I wish I could say that I could change tyres and fix punctures. I cannot but the day I decide to learn I definitely will. I can take care of fuses and minor faults with my gadgets.

6. It seems that as a child I would rather read a book than play with dolls according to my paternal aunt.

7. I admire ladies who can spend a whole afternoon attending kitty parties and stuff. I have been invited to join chit fund groups that meet up on a monthly basis.but I've declined the invitation saying that I'd rather open an RD in a bank. I cannot discuss anything unless it has a social or psychological relevance.

8. Like Usha I seem to grow hair on my chin and pluck it out regularly. Finally my true colors are showing and the world gets to know the not so feminine side of my nature!

So I have not fared too badly and I see that the feminine energy within me needs to be boosted. May be I'll try. I may succeed or may be not. We are all what God made us to be.

Anyone interested may take up this tag but I'd invite Renu to do it if she has not done it already.


Aathira Nair said...

Even I have that stupid hair which keeps springing up on my chin! My mom does too.. hereditary I guess!

Rohini said...

Why do you feel inadequate about Number Two. I think that is the right way to raise non-fussy eaters

Arundhati said...

I agree with Rohini. I was a fussy eater myself, thanks to being pampered with food of my choice. Later on I struggled through my hostel years and later found it tough as a single working woman too. I make it clear to my 3 year-old that he has to eat what is on the table, or else go hungry. It works and I think it is the right thing to do.

Ugich Konitari said...


Brilliant tag ! Enjoyed your answers too. And I see myself in so many things like disciplining fussy eaters, appearnace and hint of an imminent minor beard, affinity to books, and allergy to bheeshees and ladies chit fund set ups. Looking forward to seeing you on your next visit..

radha said...

Very nicely written. Welcome back. There are so many things here that could well have been my account.

Unknown said...

Lol you drive the car dont you ? You break the stereotype there + your husband does the shopping while you count the seconds till he finishes :p.

I think you have beaten the stereotype well on all counts !