Monday, March 28, 2011

CSAA - april 2011

April 2011 will be A Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

If you would like to add to the discussion or know somebody else who would, please note that we welcome entries a. mailed to OR

b. posted as FB notes and linked to Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month Page OR

c. posted on your own blog with the badge and linked to the main blog OR

d. linked or posted on Twitter tagged OR e. sent via some/all of the above methods The list of topics is available here. Anonymous contributions are accepted and requests for anonymity will of course be honoured. Please remember to send in a mail with all necessary links or just your input to so that we can track your contribution and make sure that it is not inadvertently lost or something. You can also support it simply by adding our the logo of the initiative in your blog's sidebar.

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Sai said..., an organization run by Vidya Reddy in Chennai. They did a workshop on CSA 4 yrs ago at the playschool that my son went to.

It was an eye opener, now i have two sons and i am as protective of them as i would be a girl child.