Monday, April 25, 2011

Child Sexual abuse - right at our doorstep???

The ongoing discussions on child sexual abuse are nearly ending. Survivor stories were truly heart breaking and I was moved to tears while going through them. I truly wish and pray that each one of them feels better after sharing their story and is now prepared to move on in life. Kiran and Monika deserve all the praise that one can possibly heap upon them for enabling us to participate on a very delicate but acute malaise that society prefers to pretend does not exist – at least not in one’s circle. It does exist and will continue to haunt little children unless we as responsible citizen pledge to do something about it. Let not all the trouble taken by the initiators of this project and others who actively participated in it, go waste. Let us each one keep our eyes and ears open and do our bit to help victims of abuse and their families now and always.

Having said this, I would really like to know the psychology behind such sexual perversion. I mean, it is not everyone that feels the need to molest young children and sexually abuse them. For every abuser there are several wonderful, normal fathers, uncles/aunts etc. I wonder if there is some way one can identify potential abusers. Most survivor stories indicate that such people pass off for very normal and caring human beings that make it scarier. I think the best course would be to build an atmosphere of trust in the family so that children feel comfortable reporting abuse.

The reports of abuse and survivor stories are going to remain with me for a long time. Thank you Monika and Kiran! I am now a much more sensitive human being because of you.



Child sexual abuse is heart breaking because most of it takes place in the 'safe' confines of the home. That is why it is difficult to detect, acknowledge and correct. The only remedy, as you have rightly suggested, is to 'build an atmosphere of trust in the family so that children feel comfortable reporting abuse', by no means an easy task!I pray for more awareness and sensitivity in dealing with this delicate issue.

dr.antony said...

The reason is simple.They are easy victims and often do not complain.Their curiosity is another reason.The perpetrators are often close ones,relatives or close friends.Victims are left behind with lasting sequels.The scars remain.