Friday, July 15, 2011

Looking Back

Our children huddled together in a room that doubled up as a bedroom by night and study by day,
We laughed a lot, fought a lot, slept on a mat and sat on the floor remaining cheerful all the time.
We had our meals together, enjoyed light music, shared housework and struggled to make ends meet.
We longed for little pleasures but were still happy with what we had,
And we thought that our life was the best since we knew none other.
We now have everything that wealth can buy – a room of our own, a car to roam around, enough to eat but no appetite for food,
Our children have flown the nest and we long for the time when life was a struggle but was worth the trouble,
When every little success made us achievers and every set back strengthened our bond.
Strange that we have what we longed for but we now long for what we had!
Our life then was best and now that we’ve seen both we know better!


Sands said...

Lovely post! Such words of wisdom and experience :)

Dee said...

I was just thinking about that recently..

we had one or two prized toys - our kids have a roomful

we waited for our new clothes - our kids don't even know what is old

eating out, ice-creams, home-made rasna were all indulgences - it is part of routine for our kids

but i feel my childhood had more warm and cozy memories..not sure if kids of these days can even value what they get !!


agree with you all the way!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post!
A simple,contented and happy childhood is what we had. We knew to appreciate the value of things only because it was scarce.'Things' are available in abundance these days that makes life more complicated. At least, that's what I feel.
Long time reader. De-lurking now. Your posts are filled with such insight and perspective.

Sangitha said...

I so needed to hear this, esp. this week. Thanks a lot!

Hip Grandma said...

Hi all,
i had written this piece sometime back and chanced upon it yesterday. i truly did not expect to get appreciated for it. thanks a million. That apart I too feel that the current bunch of kids are lavished with gifts to the extent that their value diminishes. Why only kids? At my age I too find a marked difference in my own attitude. The days when a lot of planning would go into the purchase of a door mat or bathroom accessories were definitely better. One felt happy when a month's budget had to be adjusted to accommodate the smallest item made us truly happy. I may sound old fashioned but it is indeed so at least for me.

Hip Grandma said...

Unknown and pangsofsenselessness:welcome here.

Uma said...

Nice little post. I've heard this from a few others too...
...and I remembered my childhood fondly too... am sending this to my mom :)

Hip Grandma said...

Uma:Thanks Uma and I am glad your childhood fondly. i hope your mom relates to what I've said. life was pretty much the same for everyone a few years back.

R's Mom said...

Awww! HHG isnt that cute or what :) Awesome words..thanks for this