Friday, September 02, 2011

Is this normal??

Yesterday was Ganesh Chaturti and a day off from college. Believe me, at the age of sixty I still relish the thought of a holiday pretty much the same way as when I was a schoolgirl. I took the opportunity to visit my doctor for my arthritis.

Weather is unpredictable these days in Jamshedpur. It is sunny now and within the very next couple of minutes dark cloud gather and it starts drizzling and then it is pouring rain. At the clinic were a family who had brought a three month old baby to the clinic. The baby was crying non stop initially but finally went off to sleep. They were totally unknown to me but the sight of the indulgent grandmother and the young mother somehow reminded me of the time when I was a young mother. A girl in her late teens had accompanied them and she took turns to hold the baby. She reminded me of my sister in law who was so very fond of my daughter and took charge of her the moment she started crying. We were preparing to leave when dark clouds appeared from nowhere and one could predict a heavy shower within minutes. The child’s mother started calling someone over the phone probably worried how they may reach home. It was then that I offered to drop them in my car provided they lived within Kadma where I live. They were glad to be offered a lift and by the time all of us got into the car it started drizzling as expected. I started the car and took a turn when it started pouring.

The next few moments were simply horrible. I simply blanked out. I seemed to have forgotten my way and I could not remember where I needed to go. I took a wrong turn and headed in the direction opposite my house. The roads seemed unfamiliar and the sign board made no sense. I slowed down and asked –

“What place is this?”

I truly felt like crying. Why did I have to bring this on myself???

The teenaged girl came to my rescue. She suggested that since it was pretty dark I had perhaps got confused. (It was just 4 in the afternoon). Then I seemed to realize that I had reached the main road that connected our area to the railway station. Luckily I hadn’t gone too far, just about a kilometer in the wrong direction. I took a U turn and headed in the direction of my home. They live at a 5 minutes walk from my house and I prayed that I should drop them at their destination safe and sound. It was raining heavily all the while but the moment I dropped them and proceeded towards home clouds started to clear and when I reached home it was sunny once again. The group must have taken me to be a nutcase.

It took me a while to become normal. What if I had lost control of the car? I’ve lived in the area for the past 38 years and yet why did the roads look unfamiliar? All this took no more than 5 minutes but it was a scary experience. To top it I had to account for the lives of unknown people. It has never happened before.

I reached home and straight away wrote a post for Women’s web to make sure I was okay. While I returned from college I explored the area again. It was not the route I usually take but there was nothing unfamiliar about it. I think the unexpected downpour was the culprit. Dr. Anthony, if you’re reading this post I want you to reassure me. Is this normal??


hillgrandmom said...

Oh, HHG, it really must have been awfully, horribly scary. Take care.

starry eyed said...

That does sound scary...I could feel your anxiety. It was probably non-significant and triggered by the downpour...and won't happen again. Take care and hugs!

tys said...

please get that checked...there is no harm in cud also have been brought about lack of focus due to too many things in your has happened to me so many times...but please get a diagnosis..

dr.antony said...

I just came back and in time to read your post! What a coincidence !

There is nothing to worry.But I need to know some more details of your medical history.Do you have diabetes? If so,a hypoglycemia is the easiest explanation.For a person like you,it is very unusual that you got confused without a reason.Are you on any kind of medications? Do you have a history of migraine?

Mail to me some more details.

passerby55 said...

gudmorning preeta,

I think ur mind was still loitering, in the past,as the guest in ur car had brought back those days.

Or maybe you were delighted with the thought of helping complete strangers. a good feeling when one is behind the wheel. A sudden feeling of responsibility to carry someone safe made you cautious. Maybe over cautious, and u lost ur way. IT is normal .

All is well.

bye and tc

Ardra said...

Dear HHG!
frankly, reading your post made me a bit worried.However, Dr. Antony's and some other comments sound reassuring. After reading your other post at Women's web, I am sure all is fine. It must have been just a momentary lapse triggered by several factors- your wandering thoughts, the climate...
But please do keep us posted.
Take care

Anonymous said...

HHG - Were you under an anxiety attack - the heavy rain and the responsibility of driving your fellow passengers safely? Dr. Anthony could have the best answer, though.

Hip Grandma said...

hillg'mom:yes it was and reminded me of a dear cousin who is no more. I'll blog abt her soon even if only to warn people.

starry eyed:Yes I hope it does not happen again. I don't want to be bumping into people from behind the wheels.

tys:my routine check up is due and I'll remember to tell my doc abt. it.Thanks for your concern. It may be nothing but no harm asking.

dr.antony:Yes I am diabetic. i've mailed you details. Looking forward to hearing from you.

passerby:No, I did not get emotional or nostalgic at all. The sudden rains could be the only reason. Will have to be careful.

Ardra:it is worrying me a bit.But friends tell me that it happens to them too at times. I have promised to stop the car if something bothers me. No point taking risks.

The Brown Vagabond:If it was an anxiety attack I don't see a reason for it. The road was deserted and I was within 1.5 km of my house. I've been driving for more than 6 years now. It was an eerie experience. I just drove on an impulse and my mind just lost focus. I was in control of my driving though. If someone had asked me where I was going I may have just stared into their face.

tys said...

great. you are fine. dont u go batty on me any time soon. do take care

Uma said...

Maybe you had too many things on your mind and probably a bit anxious about the downpour...
always better to get it checked and get it cleared...
take care..

Poornima said...

Please get it checked to eliminate any doubts HHG. Its scary just reading about take care.

R's Mom said...

Well! I am late..but I needed to comment!

I dont think you should get so dad also has this at times..I think its pretty temporary...Hope the tests etc turn out well

Hugs to you

RS said...

Im too late but couldnt stay away from commenting - Please take care HHG!

And ofcourse by now you've realised that it was only a temporary thing - blast from the past caused the confusion maybe...

Cocktail Party said...

It might be nothing. Sometimes even I get confused about the roads when it gets dark. And the rains just add to the confusion. But pls do get urself tested. U really dnt want such situation repeating itself.

Renu said...

It s very scary

Hip Grandma said...

Uma:May be I did, may be not. I don't recall being particularly anxious. I need to go for my routine check up and I'll mention it to my doctor to make sure.

Poornima:I am more scared for others who may be put into unnecessary trouble and it is for them that I would want to clarify. It may not be anything but better clear things.

R's Mom:It may be a temporary condition but a split second is enough to cause disaters. I think your dad and I must be relatives. I remeber you saying that he too forgets faces.

RS:It is not as if my initial years at Jamshedpur are much to remember by. I took to the place 5 years after I got married and now I don't seem to like any other place.

cocktail party:Yes we don't want a repeat do we?? So I'll take care.

Renu:yes it was very scary. But with age we have to expect such things.

Tassu said...

something close to this happened with me today! I was in this bus which was going to the right direction where I had to go but still I made the bus stop as if it's taking me to an unknown road(this road I m using from past 1 year)! Can u imagine, when i got down I was puzzled by my own reaction!

Ugich Konitari said...


Do have a complete check up done. I sometimes think there is some merit in doing what is called a complete body profile. (Ranbaxy and Thyrocare, offer it ) This gives you a picture of your health taking lots of body functions into consideration at the same point in time. Our doctor here had asked us to do vit D3, and B12 blood levels. One is not a doctor, but one has been reading how D3 really has a lot to do besides keep bones sturdy. Its actually like a hormone, and I think it might be beneficial to get these things done.And have a doctor interpret it. Just my 2 paisa worth.

Hip Grandma said...

Tassu:It happened to you too? I wonder if it is some neurological problem? Must check it out.

Suranga: Thanks for your concern. My Puja vacations start on the 27th Sept. I think I'll go for a thorough examination then.

noon said...

Hello - I just read this post. I could feel your tension esp with five strangers in the car. You know again it amazes how this simple thing - you offering a ride and them taking it - happens only in India (or amongst Indians). Well I mean in the mainstream here if I just went and offered a ride to someone first off I would be scared as to what kind of weirdo would get into my car and they would be wondering what is wrong with me! But this is so normal in India. I really like that - simple connections between people.

About your forgetting - I think you need to worry only if it happens again in a very familiar route. You were distracted by the presence of five people, the rain and your concentration was not 100% at that moment. And you took a wrong turn and that made it even more so. It can happen to any one younger or older. That momentary confusion because you lost track of the familiar route.

DegeSMS said...

It is Horrible. hhhhu