Sunday, April 01, 2012


I can see it coming. My extension of service I mean. With a chance of my service being extended by 3 years (we will know in a month or two) I am in a terrible dilemma. Do I need to continue? Or should I quit? I am putting down the pro and cons with the hope that my readers will give their unbiased opinion.
When I started working I was impressed by the students in their undergrad and intermediate courses. Those were days when Biology was a preferred option and students may not have aspired for a great career but were nevertheless very focused in their lessons. Salary was less and I would be terminated during summer and Durga puja vacations. But my job was very satisfying. I cannot say the same now. With the IT boom came highly paid IT jobs and basic biological science is no longer preferred however much we talk about global warming and conservation of the ecosystem. I draw a decent salary and if the govt. wants to retain me for three more years should I stop worrying about a satisfying career and pocket the money that comes my way?
My children in foreign shores are looking forward to my retirement and hope that I would be able to spend some time with them without complaining about having no leave. Grandchildren are a treat to interact with right now. Three years from now they will outgrow this phase and may not even have time for me.
Husband is a home bird without a friend’s circle of his own. He is also looking forward to the day when we could have breakfast and lunch together.
What then is stopping me from putting in my papers?
I have a minor research project that will keep me engaged till Nov. 2013. I am the co-investigator and cannot run away from the responsibility I willingly took upon myself. Once that is over I have just 2 more years so I may as well continue.
My pension amount will be decided on my last drawn salary. And with the 6th pay yet to be implemented that is going to make a difference.
I have carved a niche for myself and quitting it may not be easy. I need to decide fast and prepare myself to face the consequences. I cannot help praying that the extension of service is either never announced or announced after Jan. 2013. Ideas???


R's Mom said...

You sound like Appa in that para when you talk about IT coming Appa has the same issues with IT companies taking away talent which would have otherwise gone in for basic science research..though bro and I often argue with him that we want money fast and easy :) thats a different issue

Guess, its a difficult decision for you...I will tell you what Amma did, Amma had one year service left last year..she put in her papers after the school closed in April and continued work till May to finish off with her pending work..then she went off with Appa to Goa where Appa got a job..she said, I would rather just spend some time with my family than work for one year because I may not get this time again...

It was pretty much catch 22 for her...I wanted her to stay, she wanted to quit..I told her its just an year more, she was like its an year I get to spend with Appa..Appa wanted her to continue as well, but finally she just quit

I am not asking you to quit, just gave this example to let you know you are not the only one with such about continuing till you finish the project and then just take a call then depending on the situation?

Anonymous said...

if work is for money then decide how much u need the money.

if the work is related to satisfaction - decide depending on whether u are satisfied enough to leave it.

If u miss grandchildren now will u be in good health to enjoy the next generation.

ahikamaayal amruthum visham.

Gayatri said...

Continue at least till your project is completed. Its a shame that teachers like you are diminishing and students are not able to appreciate knowledge. I sometimes wish I was your student. I would like to go back in time and re-learn english and science from the old-school teachers. Good luck in whatever decision you take.

hillgrandmom said...

Well time is precious, so quitting to get some quality time with husband and grandkids has it's plus points. Then again, if the job gives you a feeling of certainty, a feeling of being useful to society and the money you earn is very helpful, then stay on at the job.

Sumana said...

THis dilemma is so like the SAHM and WM that we always go thru. I tell myself may 2 more years i will be home and enjoying time with kids. But when i think a little more, my mind has more and more questions. So i tell myself that may be on the way i will find out as i tread. I think IHM till you get some situation which forces either way, you keep working and may be something will tell you which way to go.

Hip Grandma said...

Hi all,
thanks for your inputs and suggestions. As r's mom says it is a catch 22 situation. As of now I think I'll work on the project till Nov.2013, submit the report and take a break and spend sometime with my children even if it means loss of pay. If I find the arrangement rewarding I'll resign or else I'll come back and work till my retirement.

dipali said...

Your decision seems wise, HHG!
All the very best.

Renu said...

I have the same dilemma regarding my hubby's job..

But i feel that keep on working is much better because one enjoys the time with the family to an extent, after that there is nothing special about it,
whereas working keeps the person alive mentally and brings more happiness per se.

I prefer him taking leave some times to visit children and spend time with them, with less time, he is always in demand and valued more:)

Hip Grandma said...

Hi Renu,Dipali and Dee,
It was a tough question with no correct answer. I have given it some thought and this is what I feel. Family is important and quality time is a must. The quality time however need not extend to several months. So when quitting the job and taking leave without pay are pretty much the same I can take leave without pay or with half pay and spend a month or perhaps 6 weeks with each of my three children and return to resume my job. As Renu rightly says it is better to keep one's option open since the recently concluded seminar has proved that work does wonders to the mind. This problem arises only because children live abroad. Were it India they could come over and we could visit them more often.
Since children find it difficult to travel with kids (expense apart, the strain and jet lag takes its toll) i think we ought to plan trips, enjoy a vacation with them and return. That would be a suitable option for all concerned.

thanks a million for your response. putting my thoughts in paper and discussing with you all has really helped.

Anonymous said...

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Hip Grandma said...

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L said...

Happy to have come across your blog. Maybe it's time to do other things, or maybe a couple more years would help you finish the project...or the money will come in handy when you are much older...these "both are good in their own way" type choices are the bane of ones life. Good luck for getting it right.

radha said...

I guess by now you would have made up your mind. Ideally if you could find something to do part-time it would be the best. So that you have your financial independence and moreover something that will keep your mind active. There are lot of websites that require online tutoring. You could try that. And that would also give you enough time to enjoy your grandchildren. What could be better than that?