Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tag after Tag!!

I have been simultaneously tagged by Srijith Unni and Archana Bahuguna. While Srijith wants me to talk about 6 weird things in my nature, Archana wants me to say 9 things about myself weird or otherwise. Both want me to tag 6 more people by leaving a comment on their blog. I decided to combine both and give 9 aspects of my nature, some weird others not so weird. Those whom I tag may stick to the same rule.

1.I am a supporter of the underdog – This is perhaps due to my being an Aquarian. I take up for the downtrodden ones. I must be a weird person to feel bad when I win an argument. I end up finding excuses for my opponents. Thank God I didn’t become a lawyer. I may never win a case.

2.I am a little too talkative - This is a serious flaw in my nature. It has led to some embarrassing moments. I am in awe of those who speak less and are in full command all the time.

3.I forget faces – I don’t actually forget faces. Rather I get confused with similar looking people who I don't meet regularly and have to see them together to be sure. Or else I may mix up between the two. When I am not too sure I talk about global warming and terrorist attacks.

4.I am too laid back – This is a characteristic I’ve inherited from my mother’s brother. His famous words in an emergent situation are “One cannot make the train move fast by pacing up and down the compartment.” I totally agree with him. In fact I love a situation in which nothing can be done and things spin out of control. I feel I can relax and read a book or go to sleep. That is why perhaps I don’t worry too much about the things I’ve missed in life.

5.I mess up my priorities – I don’t do it in any serious way. My work in college does not suffer or my family hasn’t faced any difficulty on account of this. I only mean to say that I am flexible. My husband has a routine and sticks to it. I can cook a meal as soon as I open my eyes or wait till ten in the morning to prepare myself a cup of tea depending on the situation and when I am alone. My priorities keep changing. I don’t do it when others are included.

6.I am not too worried about my appearance – I admire those who are perfectly dressed for an occasion and wish to be like them. I only manage to be neatly dressed and here too I’d give credit to Ashok, my dhobi (washer-man). I just cannot match my sarees with accessories or sit through the process (read pain) of applying make up and mascara. A bindi is all I sport and perhaps a face cream when the weather is dry. The odd time that I ‘dress’ up makes me self conscious and uncomfortable. My husband should thank me for not straining his purse.

7. I like to add up numbers – I love to add up numbers. I add up telephones numbers, registration numbers of vehicles etc. I feel happy when they add up to 8. I really don’t know why.

8.I am sometimes thick skinned and sometimes sensitive – This is a quality I share with Srijith. I cannot really predict when I’d take something seriously and when I’d laugh it off. Depends on my mood I guess.

9.I am famous for smiling when I am upset – When I was a schoolgirl I’d giggle on being scolded. We had an English teacher who’d use the choicest words while scolding us. I have been sent out of class ‘to laugh to my heart’s content’. This has perhaps led to my smiling when I am really upset. I know it is wrong to do it and I should be pulling a long face. But my face is already long and refuses to get longer.

Now I’d like to tag Starry nights, Itching to write, artnavy, hillgrandmom, balaji and the visitor to take up this tag and give us their side of the story.


passerby55 said...

me first!

i think you will make a good company in all kinds and variety of creatures. u can handle each well according to his/her age.

i share with you this little too talkative one...and also messing up my priorities.

hillgrandmom said...

will do the tag but at present going through a bad bout of flu:(

starry said...

Thanks.I will do the tag. learned a lot about you.I wish I could be a little more laid back.I had to laugh about you laughing when someone scolds you, I thought that was hilarious.

mommyof2 said...

Hey, I am an Aquarian too and share a lot of ur qualities… talkative, laid back approach, like even numbers, appearance (only lipstick & eye pencil) & ur #8 totally:-)

Balaji said...


Thanks for tagging me. I will take up the tag soon. I am sort of looking out for things to write as one of the things is I am not greatly comfortable talking about myself. I can eagerly listen to others problem and try to help them out...but I am not very comfortable to do that myself...


Shankar said...

"But my face is already long and refuses to get longer."

Aww, that was certainly and truly, cute.

Archana Bahuguna said...

I share your 4 and 5 traits pretty much ... :-) nice things about yourself :-) and Hey, pls get well soon ..wishes.

Hip Grandma said...

passerby55:That's a compliment.Thanks a lot!!!

hillg'mom:I hope you get well soon.

lalitha:My daughter also has the stupid habit of smiling when she is upset or when she is scolded.She may have inherited it from me.

mommyof2:welcome to the Aquarian club.Archana Bahuguna and neers are already in the group.

balaji:we're all weirdos in one way or the other.It is just plain fun.

shankar:It is also an absolute truth.

archana:good to hear that I am not alone in these things.BTW it is hillg'mom who is ill not me.I'll pass on your wishes to her.

The Visitor said...

I too have the habit of adding up digits in a number

Usha said...

You know what is weird? That I had almost figured you out to be this kind of person from reading your posts ( except perhaps giggling when scolded. I should have known that eternal 6 year old inside would do something like this! (grinning)

hillgrandmom said...

have done the tag atlast!

Anonymous said...

I have been a silent reader of your blog for sometime now. But today i have to comment. Iam also an aquarian born no 26Jan, and i should say i share all ur qualities but #7.
Someday if i decide to write a similar blog i can just copy this post and paste it :-)..

A great post. And iam amazed by your sense of humour. "But my face is already long and refuses to get longer." was jus too good.


Hip Grandma said...

the visitor:That makes three of us,mommy of 2 included.

usha:we do give away a lot about ourselves thro' our writings,don't we?The arrival of sons in law in the family has had a sobering effect but I still need to improve on traits no.2 and 9.I wonder if I'll be able to do it.

hillg'mom:I read your responses.Thanks for taking up the tag.

anon- Ram:Feels good to know of others like me.Thanks for your kind words.

srijithunni said...

Thanks for taking it up, hip grandma..
Nice to know that we share more than one weird thing in common. I too am a bad dresser.. i just manage to dress up in neat clothes, but that`s just about it.

Have Fun, and take Care..

With Best Regards,

hillgrandmom said...

Just wanted to add that #1 and 6 are like me. But, I'm a Libran!

The Visitor said...

G'ma - I've just done the tag :)

Hip Grandma said...

srijith:welcome to the casual dresser's club.Hope we find more supporters.

hillg'mom:Aquarian or Libran we're grandmoms.That's why we're similar.

the visitor:thanks.I'll check it.

Movie Mazaa said...

Just wanted to let u know that my two wheeler and four wheeler numbers add upto 8, and i have been told that it cudnt possibly get any worse. i have had a few bumps around on both, and i am still wondering if i shud attribute it to the '8' or my haphazard driving skills, LOL!

its a relief to see that u like 8, btw, hence!

Hip Grandma said...

Shankar:I almost missed the comment.Thanks.

Hip Grandma said...

velu:the previous comment was meant for you. sorry about that.