Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Style

Passerby has tagged me yet again. I hope I've measured up to her expectations.Here I go.

Pressure cookerLike a pressure cooker I get worked up when I see an injustice being done to those who cannot even defend themselves. I need to let out steam from time to time to remain sane.

Chewing gumI like chewing the cud both literally and figuratively. I used to sit for hours in a grassy field under a shady tree chewing grass while reading a book when I was a student. I could also spend hours recalling past events and reliving special moments. I’d only need some soothing music in the background. Unfortunately marriage and children have taken all that away from me.

BookshelfMy life I feel is like a well stacked bookshelf. In fact all our lives are the same. We have tragic experiences but can we not look for comedy despite tragedy? I am sure we can. Life is a bookshelf and caters to all tastes.

My eyesI happened to find a photograph of myself as a fresh graduate and oh my God!! I wondered if those eyes belonged to me. It was my proposal snap and they speak volumes of my expectations from life. My recent photographs show a kind of indulgence that comes with age and experience. I now understand why even total strangers feel comfortable talking to me.

A healing touchA touch…… and a gentle one at that….. says it all!! One has to just touch me. And I understand what they wish to tell me. Is this what one calls ‘ a healing touch’??
A touch does so much. It acts as a warning signal, a comforter and what not.

Fluffy pillows
Pillows help one relax. I am a very relaxed person, cool and comfortable, ready for use to all who need to do so.

A string of pearlsA string of natural pearls bound together by a silk thread appeals to me much more than diamonds and gold. They seem to symbolize a group of like minded people with a well rounded approach to life and a personality without sharp edges and cutting corners. Pearls seem to spread the message of love and tolerance.

Rangoli and Kolams that are based on geometrical designsYou start with a plus sign and expand it as far as your imagination takes you. There is just no limit. My dream for my motherland is something like that. Perhaps that is the reason why my heart goes out to all those youngsters who represent future India.

Crisp cottonsI love wearing a crisp cotton saree. As a schoolgirl I loved the way our principal dressed up in a well ironed crisp cotton saree. The dignity it symbolizes is incomparable.

Walking to healthI am lucky to live in a small town with well maintained roads. A morning walk in a road that seems to go on forever gives me immense pleasure. The road that winds on and on is not only a connector of places,When we walk on it it connects me to people from all walks of life.I look for familiar faces on the road-a cute couple in their late seventies with the husband walking 10 steps ahead of his wife, a little boy rushing to school on his bicycle with his mother invariably warning him to be careful, a father transporting his polio stricken teenaged daughter by cycle, perhaps to some coaching class and many others. When I fail to see even one of them, I worry about their well being. I haven’t spoken to them but I wonder if they notice me the way I notice them.

Let me tag Ardra and Srijith Unni and find out what their style is!!Ardra, I remember your tag.I've asked my brother for a few photos of our childhood.i'll post it as soon as I get them.


Anonymous said...

that was beautiful

have u read my version- feel rather frivilous after reading yours....

Something to Say said...

awesome stuff. Feels like I really know you now..

Usha said...

String of pearls touch - thing and healings I can feel about you even without having met you in person.
Chewing grass- hehe, something I would not have associated with you.
beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

You start with a plus sign and expand it as far as your imagination takes you.
a thought so positive ... i cud totally relate this to u

Visithra said...

i agreed with every point - i smiled at the kolam, i nodded my head to crisp cotton sarees, i see what your eyes imagined, and oh yes touches are such wonderful things - but most of all your description of a string of pearls was beautiful

passerby55 said...

Preeta,having read your several post and have a sixth sense about you. But this post reveals so many other fasinating things about you.

A string of pearls ..Indeed! it has to be you

"Walking to health"...... I have no words here . Immensely a beautiful person out there. With an infinite style!

Anonymous said...


Mahadevan said...

Two styles stand out - crisp cotton saree and walking to health.

The dignity the crisp cotton saree lends to the person who wears it, costliest Kanjeevam can never match. Generally those in the teaching profession opt for crisp cotton sarees.

Like you,I enjoy long walks, with friends or alone. Almost all my blog posts were drafted mentally during my long walks.

Ardra said...

was catching up with my bloghopping- had been away from the virtual world for a few weeks. was enjoying the style tag that seems to be going around now and thinking to myself that this one seemed a most interesting one but a very difficult one- when I see my name at the end- so now let me sit and try to come up with something-

and shall wait for u'r photo as a child. :-)
warm regards

starry said...

Loved your style.And about a string of pearls.very well said.

The Visitor said...

Hi g'ma,
Nice post.
We know quite a lot about you through your tags now. :)
Well we'd (I) like to know a little more about you (though it looks obvious).
You know the ENFP type that Kid (Pratap) is. Would you care to take the Jungian type test and post your type on your blog?
My guess is that you are an ENFJ.

Hip Grandma said...

Hi All,
thoroughly enjoyed your comments and thanks a million.
the visitor:The test shows that I am IFSP

Ardra said...

Ok, HHG!done your tag!


Anonymous said...


Visithra said...

happy birthday ;)

Shiv said...

Happy bday..came thru visithra's blog!!will read the posts soon!!

Anonymous said...

A string of pearls - That says it all!!!! You don't really need any other style after that. :)

errr.... belated happy birthday!! :)

Hip Grandma said...

Hi ardra,visitra,artnavy,shiv and coffee,
thanks a mjllion for your b'day wishes.I've now nearly got my b'band connection.I only have to get my password.I'll be more regular from now.BTW I was out of station and did not access my blog.Hence the delay.ardra I'll check your tag.

passerby55 said...

when was the birthday preeta..

many many happy returns of the day..... sorry,i missed it.

good to hear that you have nearly got your Broad band connection!

Hip Grandma said...

passerby:My b'day was on the 26th of jan.i was happy to be with my family on that day and my neice and nephew were very happy to be able to wish mein person.I refused a treat 'cos heavy meals were due on the days that followed.but it was fun.

Cecilia said...

Very nice!

srijithunni said...

That was indeed a very interesting read, Hip Grandma.. SOrry about not being able to visit.. I`ve had problems with access to blogger at my workplace.. that`s why i am not able to post comments or blog as frequently as I want.. I`ll surely take up this wonderful tag..

Thank YOu..!

P.S: I would love to see your eyes for myself, please :)
With Best Regards,

Hip Grandma said...


srijith:I am getting a few old photos scanne you will soon get to see my eyes both young and old.

Just Like That said...

That was so refreshingly different. And spoke volumes about the person you are. I've been reading thru some of your posts, and liking them all, but my son does not permit me to comment (he's all of 3 and comes running when he hears the keys).
Esp. liked the bit abt the eyes and the bookshelf.