Friday, January 11, 2008

New year tag

Sango tagged me and has asked me to reveal what I would to say to the person I was on 1st Jan.2007.A difficult one but let me try.I'll call myself pram2008 and I'd be addressing pram2007.

pram2008:you asked for just 10 minutes at the end of 2006 and you were granted a whole year.I see that you haven't moved an inch.what were you upto eh?

pram2007:I may not have moveded an inch but I've certainly gained a few pounds. isn't that something to show? After all despite my age my system is able to assimilate and store food.

pram2008:You were supposed to put your papers in order and inform your children of your investments.Have you even started on it?

pram2007:I meant to do it. Honestly. I'll do it once the weather warms up a little. It is rather cold now and that husband of mine....keeps stuffing things into different folders. He,he...... we're made for each other you see.

pram2008:what about your plans to coach a few needy children at least twice a week?

pram2007:The needy children need to be spoonfed. I hadn't done it for my children.I certainly can't encourage the practice now. It is too late in the day for me to change my ways. If they start to work on their own I am willing to work on them.I haven't given up.

pram2008:A whole year has gone by and what have you got to show apart from your age and weight?

pram2007:why not? I met artnavy,usha and eve's lung in person and spoke to ITW over the phone. After 5 years the government has relented and has declared us demonstrators and at the age of 57 I attended an interview along with youngsters who were younger than my youngest child. Why don't you recognize the optimist in me? Forever criticizing........:-((

pram2008:okay,okay. Healthy criticism has not harmed anyone and it won't harm you too. You need to grow up don't you? Afterall you are now a grandma and have 2 cute grandaughters looking up to you. you wrote a post on 'Going back in time........ You want to give your grandkids something to remember you by don't you? And please for God's sake off load all unwanted items to needy people. You have so much unwanted stuff. And stop irritating that husband of yours. He is a simple family man and let him be.

pram2007:What do you mean? The man irritates me by his constant channel surfing habit and you blame me? Ah! that reminds me. I resolve to get a new TV for myself or else I'd be pushed back to the era before TV entered our lives. Good bye!

pram2008:G'bye for now. will be back in a year's time and you better have something to show as progress.

Thanks sango. I enjoyed doing it.I think I'll ask anyone interested to carry this forward. Tys you can do a great job of it. May I tag you??

A Happy Sankaranti to all of you.


Anonymous said...

that was a good one :)

i loved the answer for
A whole year has gone by and what have you got to show apart from your age and weight?

This is the second I am reading.. though both are written really differenty.. but yours is more funny ;)

love and cheers,

Jaya said...

Great read! Enjoyed the humour throughout. Apart from age and weight, you have wonderful blog posts to show HHG.

Happy Sankarati to you and HG'pa.

dipali said...


hillgrandmom said...

Really good post *chuckle*. happy Sankranti.

Sango said...

He he.. That was a very different and humourous way of looking at it gmom.. Wonderful! :-)

Happy Sankranthi to you too..

Hip Grandma said...

Hi all!
thanks for your encouraging responses.Me thought that I'd be shooed off as an eccentric old woman

Preethi said...

Great read.. had fun and laughs reading it... Wishing you a very happy pongal!

Tys on Ice said...

tht was a lil schizo...:)

will take up this tag...thnks

aMus said...

heh..heh.. that was a good one indeed!!!

wishing the hiphop grand family a happy sankranti too...