Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tag of blessings

I was tagged by hillg'mom to bless and pray for three of my blog friends and ask them to pass it on to more people thereby spreading goodwill to as many people as one can.I found the idea great something like the 'vazhga valamudan' group in Tamilnadu that prays for the welfare of mankind sending positive vibes to known and unknown people.I quote ukok who started the idea of a blessing tag and I feel inclined to bless and pray for her before anyone else 'cos in these troubled times it is very important to create universal good will and I already feel connected to her.

While it is my wish to bless all who read this blog, for the purposes of starting this little endeavour it is necessary that I ‘bless’ 3 blogfriends, who may in turn ‘bless’ 3 blogfriends.

Let’s use a simple format, and let’s make it even simpler by suggesting that the recipient simply copies and pastes above picture when they become the recipient of a bloggin blessing themselves.

The idea… it’s a game of tag with a difference, rather than looking inwardly, we look outside ourselves and bless, praise and pray for one blog friend. By participating in this endeavour we not only make the recipient of the blessing feel valued and appreciated, but we are having some fun too. We’re going to see how far the bloggin’ blessings can travel around the world and how many people can be blessed! Recipients of a bloggin’ blessing may upload the above image to their sidebar if they choose to. If you recieve a bloggin’ blessin’ please leave a comment on this thread here so that we can rejoice in just how many blessings have been sent around the world.

I've decided however to change the rule a bit and bless five bloggers instead of three as hillg'mom has done.

1.I bless vishesh because I can see that he is ready to take up a course of his choice thus taking the first step towards a great career.

2.I bless lavs who is moving towards motherhood or rather has already moved towards it and pray that her pregnancy may be safe and her bundle of joy enriches her life.

3.I bless Madhumita for the same reason as lavs and pray that she is granted the energy to deal with the 2 other children - yes I consider tys a child too.

4.I bless Usha and pray that her wish that her grand child uses the beautiful furniture in her house comes true soon.

5.I bless Itching to write and pray that she is energized enough to deal with her twin sons and continue to delight us with stories about them.

Of course my prayers and blessings are with all of you but since the chain must continue I stop here.
God bless you all.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice TAG!

One of its kind, I have not seen it anywhere!!

Take good care!

Anonymous said...

Padma, I was just wondering about this tag. Aren't people not supposed to bless people older than them? So while you can very well bless others, can all those you have tagged really take up this tag?? Just wondering. Perhaps they can just say "my good wishes" instead of "bless" :)

Hip Grandma said...

veens:you are welcome to take it up and pass on the chain.I liked the idea too.

lekhni:You are right as far as India/Hinduism is concerned.We generally seek the blessings of elders except in the case of a SIL who automatically becomes a senior by virtue of her marriage to one's older brother even if she is younger in age.As a schoolgirl in a boarding school it was customary to say 'good night and God bless' not only to our friends but to our teachers and matrons too.The basic idea is to wish people well.Your idea of saying 'my good wishes to older bloggers and blessing those younger should be okay.Maybe hillg'mom could clarify.I think among Christians 'Bless you' and 'God bless' is conveyed to all irrespective of their age.

Vishesh said...

thank you grandma,it is with the wishes from people like you,i cna draw more passion...i will pass it on to people even though i am younger than most people who blog :)

starry said...

such a wonderful tag.I think it is such a neat idea.

Tys on Ice said...

I shud be offended but u can silence me with a candy.

hillgrandmom said...

You're quite right HHG. Amon the Christians, 'God bless you' essentially means that you are asking for God's goodness and blessings to be upon the person who you said it too. It's not like 'aashirvaad'. So, it doesn't matter what the age.

Itchingtowrite said...

how sweet . thanks so much

Madhumita said...

HHG : This is really thoughtful of you. Me and the little one are lucky to have received your good wishes. Will certainly pass this on.

Hip Grandma said...

vishesh:You have the whole future ahead of you.How could I not bless you?As for blessings you can pass it onto anyone young or old.

Lalitha:You are welcome to take it up and pass it on.

tys on ice:Sure I will.

hillg'mom:I guessed so.

ITW:Please take up the tag and pass it on.

Madhu:Both my daughters are in the same boat as you.All I can do is to wish you all well.

Usha said...

Padma thank you so much.I am so touched but then again you are always doing such sweet things to me. I would like to bless you first with another daughter in the form of Rahul's wife who appreciates how lucky she is to get a mom like you. I will pass this on.

Hip Grandma said...

usha:thanks a lot for your good wishes and prayers.

Lavs said...

Thank you Grandmom,Thank you.What more can I say? Words fail me here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for participating in this :-)