Friday, October 31, 2008

Quirky Tag

Long back i had been asked by Monika to reveal 6 quirkies in my nature. I've done similar tags before but for the benefit of new readers I list them again. I am not checking my older posts on the subject so I may be repeating things. I am nearing 60 with about 2 more years to go so I can afford to be a quirk. People will put it down to my age.Ha!ha!!lucky me.

1. I keep adding up numbers all the time and love it when it adds up to 8. On my way to college I add up the registration numbers of vehicles and bet to myself whether the total would be an odd number or even one. I don't understand my facination for numbers. May be something to do with my past life.

2. Every time I wake up to relieve myself at night I switch on the light to check the time. Sleep is so precious that I have to know how many more hours of sleep I can get. For this very reason I go to the rest room with my eyes closed lest I lose sleep. I don't mind losing silver and gold. Losing sleep?? Never want to lose sleep.

3. I get confused if I am taken to a saree shop and asked to choose one for myself. In fact I feel like running away. Most of the ones I wear have been gifted to me or selected for me by someone else. When I have to buy stuff for others there is no confusion and I can get them something good within 15 minutes beyond this time I find it impossible to remain in the shop. I start feeling claustrophobic.

4. I have this compulsion to 'consider the other person's view' and often end up defending my opponents. As for defending the underdog - well my husband would be able to give a better account of this quirky habit. He just has to blast someone and I become the person's defence lawyer. I wonder how come he hasn't thought of dumping me. When children came complaining my first question would be 'what did you do?'

5. I cry easily in imagined situations. The 'vidai' ceremony in real life or movies bring tears to my eyes. I used to cry thinking of the day my daughters got married when they were in their preteens. But strangely I did not cry when they actually got married. On the other hand I cried when my brother's wife cried on leaving her parents and was actually accompanying us to our house. Is that quirky enough? i suppose so.

6. Finally, I seem to relish challenging situations more than an easy going life. Long back my husband's annual bonus was the only means of replacing curtains or repairing furniture. I thoroughly enjoyed the planning that went into these things and felt satified about every penny saved or spent. Without having to worry about money I ought to feel relaxed. Strangely I miss the years gone by and there seems to be no joy in walking into a shop and buying what one wants.

I tag Renu, Ugich, Manasa, prats joy, rajk and preeti to carry this forward if they haven't already done it.Any one else who is interested may also take it up.


Usha said...

Adding numbers on the road? You must be quite a math wizard to be able to do that and concentrate on your driving too. Me I'd need my fingers and toes to add up and imagine what will happen to the car!

Hehe I remember that you mentioned crying when your brother's wife was coming home and priya getting angry about it. That now, is a quirk.

Jagjit said...

I also had this habit of adding up numbers. I also counted bricks as I walked over them. I count stairs too :) I want to get rid of it now :) can u help??

Mana said...

I used to add numbers when I was in college, it used to increase the computing speed :) Same pinch :)

Nearing 60? You must be of my mother's age :)

Monika said...

lol!!! that was quite quirky

Hip Grandma said...

usha:yeah,Maths was a favorite subject in school and why I opted for Biology in PUC remains an unanswered question.There have several occasions when my children threatened me with collective disownment and Priya was the leader.Crying at my SIL's was one such occasion.

jagjit:If it is not bothering anyone why get rid of it? i haven't felt disturbed so I haven't given it a thought.Welcome here.

manasa:Are you taking up the tag?would like to hear your story.

monika:Inspite of the 'wise old woman' image I am quite a quirk.I think I'll link the earlier entries even if only for their entertainment value.

Stray said...

A couple of your quirks are very cute, HHG! :)

I check the clock every time I wake up in the night too, but its because I just can't wait to get up and get on with Life! (Please google "uberman sleep schedule" if u can; its makes for interesting reading on how to look for more 'wake time')

You are right when you point out how enjoyable it used to be earlier when people used to have to plan on how to spend the limited money they received. Today's focus on consumerism can really take the sheen off the simpler aspects of Life.

Mampi said...

Loved your quirks. I share your number counting quirk, and the crying at the vidai ceremonies of weddings i attend.
Your post is very well written and very very enjoyble.

Renu said...

I also share the quirk of crying at Bidai, even when my DIL was crying ( when we were bringing her home) I got emotional:)
You are right in ur 6th one, i feel the same, earlier when i waited for everything, i was thrilled when i got them, but now buy what u want has made me want nothing. I have lost all desire for any consummeristic item, may be getting old:)

WhatsInAName said...

Adding up numbers? :)) Quirky indeed. I love to find a pattern in numbers so that makes me remember them easily!
I hear you on looking at time when you wake up. lol! How I love to sleep as well :)
Same goes for the saree shop! Confusion, thy name is ME !
But unlike you, I cannot cry easily, come what may. Infact many times I feel so heartless when not a drop falls out of my eyes :(

Lovely post as always :)

Hip Grandma said...

stray:welcome here.I'll check out your link.

mampi:since many seem to have a fascination for numbers may be it is not a strange habit at all!welcome to the club of number counters.

renu:Let's shake hands.I cried with my SIL and you almost cried with your DIL.We are two of a kind aren't we?There is a joy in planning and festivals provided a reason.The spirit no longer prevails and that is unfortunate.

whatsinaname:Wow!we share 3 quirks!How nice to see that my quirky behaviour is being actually identified in others too.As for the crying part please note that i cry mostly in imagined siuations or where i shouldn't be doing so.In really tense situations I am usually composed and in control of my emotions.

starry said...

I could not add numbers sitting in a classroom and you can do it on the road.I envy you.Got to know a lot of nice things about you.

Vishesh said...


rajk said...

Hello HHG! Thanks for remembering me in your tag. I've kind of cheated here and linked my older similar tag...which was by you again...!

Artnavy said...

i am just so number phobic

sari shopping- u shld take me along next time ok

Hip Grandma said...

lalitha:yeah,people with a romantic bent of mind aren't comfortable with numbers1That explains your numberphobia.

visesh: (:-)D

Rajk:i didn't realize that I had tagged you on this very topic is ok to have posted the same one again.

artnavy:i think i'll do just that.I really need someone to help me with saree purchase.I'll contact you when I visit Madras next.

aMus said...!i think i used to do that too tho i wasn't very fond of maths

the others were very interesting...esp the rooting for the underdog one...:

Ramya said...

hello HHG.. first time in ur blog.. Namaskarams.. am so surprised n happy to see people of ur age blogging...very interesting posts.. add me to ur readers list..

Hip Grandma said...

suma:don't you think men blast people just for the heck of it?I think they do.i feel particularly sorry for the person who cannot defend him/herself and take it on myself to support him.

ramya:welcome here.i went bloghopping yesterday and found your generation having so much to share.I relly felt outdated and here comes your comment like a booster dose.So i don't have to give lease not yet.Hurray!!!

Ramya said...

Hg ma(sounds nice na), I wud like to take up this tag n cum up wit sumthing..:)

Anonymous said...

err..was wondering if the preeti is me?!